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Digital Marketing

  • Social Media Management A
    (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedln) + Content (Client must provide all content information & ads).
  • Social Media Management B
    (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedln) + Content and AD Creation (3 ADS per week).
  • Social Media Management C
    (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedln) + Content and AD Creation + Targeted Campaign Runs + 1 Social Media Video per week.
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Graphic Design

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Green Screen Services

Package A

Package B

Hourly Rent with Raw Material and Production Assistance Hourly Rent with Editing and Production Assistance
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Live Mentioning

5 Min Live Spot 10 Min Live Spot
15 Min Live Spot 30 Min Live Spot
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News Photography Wedding Photography
Event Photography Product Photography
Family Photography
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Press Monitoring Services

Local PMS

Regional PMS

Global PMS

Aruba Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, St. Maarten, Saba, Venezuela International

Digital Platforms

News Websites Blogs
Personal Websites Backchannel Websites
Digital Magazines Industry Related Websites

Social Platforms

Facebook Twitter
lnstagram Linkedln
Pinterest Reddit

Online Video-sharing Platforms



Radio Stations

Tv News Channels

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Traditional Photobooth

Local Aruban Old Style Photography
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Video Commercials

Topical Video Commercial Branding and Image Video Commercial
Comparison Video Commercial Customer Testimonials Video Commercial
Get on the Bandwagon Video Commercials Proof of Performance Videos
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