Amnesty International has visited KPA

Pap Amnesty International A Bishita Kpa .5

Recently police high commissioner drs. Ramon Arnhem meets with Amnesty International The director of Amnesty International Ms. Dagmar Oudshoor and project leader Tamara Paul made several visits to the Caribbean region. In an amusing conversation, various topics came up.

There were topics that were deeply debated and critical. The Political Body of Aruba as well as the country of Aruba stands for the well-being and care of every human being.

“These rights were won years ago with blood, sweat and tears. We must keep these values in mind and for this we must reflect critically that this is not always the case. Those were the words of high commissioner drs. Ramon Arnhem, during Amnesty International’s visit to Aruba.

Pap Amnesty International A Bishita KpaPap Amnesty International A Bishita Kpa

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