Annual Census of AZV 2022 shows growth in tourism

Cuenta Anual Di Azv 2022 Ta Resalta E Cresemento Den Turismo

This morning the Minister of Tourism and Public Health, Mr. Dangui Oduber received the director of the Executive Body (OE) of AZV, ir. Edwin Jacobs, who presented the annual report and accounts of the AZV fund for the year 2022. Minister Oduber is satisfied that AZV’s OE is on time with its annual accounts, which is important for the healthcare sector.

The annual report highlights the extremely positive impact of the growth of tourism on the revenues of the AZV fund. This was so that the fund managed to cover all its expenses and minimize the government contribution to the fund.

Budget 2022

AZV started 2022 projecting premium and BAZV revenues at 460.2 million florins, While estimating that the total expenditure of the fund will reach 462.9 million florins, including cuts in the context of the fifth wave of COVID19. This would mean that the country would have to contribute 2.9 million florins.

Results 2022

The impressive growth of tourism in 2022 resulted in the fund’s final revenues being 26.7 million florins higher than projected. While the expenses amounted to 16.5 million florins more than projected. This was partly due to the failure to implement the 5-wave program as planned.

  • Ministry of Tourism and Public Health
  • Press release: 17 April 2023

As the year progressed, a large increase in revenue was predicted for

The fund and this, combined with the contributions of the healthcare sector and insurance companies, managed to create a space for investment. AZV in consultation with the Ministry of Public Health has allocated a little over 9 million florins to invest in our country’s health care, such as among others:

purchase of an ambulance; contribution to Imsan to meet the waiting list in retinology and enlargement

of the eye; contribution to hospitals to meet waiting lists in the fields of radiology, urology and gastroscopy; purchase of 14 new dialysis chairs; contribution to a software to connect caregivers, laboratories and AZV; contributing to meeting mental health wish lists; contribution to prevention.

Positive results for the fund By the end of the year, BAZV experienced additional growth that was not anticipated. This was As a consequence, the AZV fund had a small positive result of 1,5%. This small profit was intended to be reinvested in cooking in the fortress. and necessary transformation of our food sector, preparing it for the challenges of the future.

Multiannual financial report Late last year, the Government of Aruba commissioned AZV to develop the financial year. This is intended to replace the cuts of 60 million florins. Sir, Jacobs reported that AZV along with local experts are working to present this project soon.

  • Ministry of Tourism and Public Health •

Concern Finally, Mr. Jacobs pointed out that as the economy has returned to its 2019 level, the The issue of migration is becoming relevant again and it presents its challenges to the tourism sector. food and the AZV fund. AZV will present its concerns to the government on this matter.

Minister Oduber thanks OE AZV, its staff and all caregivers for their support contribution during 2022 in the implementation of the policy of the Ministry of Public Health and We look forward to positive developments in the first quarter of 2023. The hunt will continue to lay a solid foundation for Aruba to face its health challenges in the coming years.

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