Cede Aruba Waw mobile has become a reality

Pap Cede Aruba Su Waw Mobiel.3

At the beginning of 2023 CEDE ARUBA approached the Jantje Beton stichting of the Netherlands to explore the possibility of doing a speelscan for Aruba. An idea originated from the new program from Cede Aruba, Barrios Unico.

During the visit of the Jantje Beton foundation, 40 different places were visited where there are playgrounds or recreation areas for children and young people. Based on the results received, it was noted that many of the playgrounds were not in good condition and this makes them dangerous for children to use them. The two representatives also spoke to nearly 100 young people during their stay to find out more about what the children want or what they would like to improve. They did.

They have been able to enter neighborhoods, schools and organizations to collect the necessary information. The representatives of Jantje Beton spoke with different authorities in Aruba and after doing an analysis sent their recommendations which among other things was the idea to start with one playbus.

After a few weeks CEDE ARUBA received the official report of stichting Jantje Beton from the Netherlands And here the implications were clear: we must act to meet the needs of our children.

was desired. The most mentioned wish was that they could have a space where they could move and recreate. that provides security and that is close to their homes.

In the Netherlands, this method is commonly used, where a bus passes for a couple of hours in fields and good crops. CEDE ARUBA saw this as a good opportunity to start with neighborhood movements for children and youth, while looking for solutions for the renovation or reconstruction of playgrounds that we already have in neighborhoods.

Considering that it would require large sums of money to rebuild or renovate existing facilities and with it In order to meet the challenges that could arise in planning and execution, CEDE ARUBA has taken the challenge of providing sound

Possibility to buy a mini-bus or cargo van to convert this car into a speelauto. CEDE ARUBA contacted IBiSA to jointly fulfill the wishes of our children. IBISA’s instructors will perform this task, while CEDE ARUBA will procure materials for the bus.

IBiSA will be in charge of implementing one program and the structure in another. Realizing that this would be a pilot project and that more partners were needed to complete the entire plan, CEDE ARUBA approached FCCA.

CEDE ARUBA is pleased to announce that they are now partnering with IBiSA and FCCA for this pilot project. Plans are to start in October 2023 with the WAW Mobile in the neighborhood.

During BAN CAYA 2023 which took place on Sunday, September 10, the WAW was inaugurated. Mobile phones.

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