Commissioner for nature meets with Bonaire nature platform for collaborative dialogue

Eng Commissioner For Nature Meets With Bonaire Nature Platform For Collaborative Dialogue.3

Mr. Hennyson Thielman, the Commissioner for Nature, gathered with representatives from leading nature conservation and restoration organizations on Bonaire at the Department of Spatial Planning. The attendees included a local farmer (kunukero) with one of the island’s largest permaculture plots. This meeting signifies the government’s continuous commitment to an integrated approach to environmental preservation on Bonaire.

 The primary purpose of the meeting was to introduce organizations in the nature sector to the commissioner and department staff. Each organization showcased their work and priorities, fostering a vibrant exchange of ideas and strategies. This marks the inception of a promising collaborative effort.

 Commissioner Thielman emphasized, “Effective nature restoration on Bonaire necessitates collaboration, integrated efforts, and a long-term perspective. As we move forward, it’s vital to strike a balance among various community sectors and interests, consistently seeking mutually beneficial solutions.”

 Commissioner Thielman also revealed plans to organize a Bonaire nature summit, with more details forthcoming. This summit welcomes input not only from conservation entities but also from sectors like agriculture, fisheries, and tourism. Insights gained from this summit will play a crucial role in shaping Bonaire’s strategy and development, building upon existing policy frameworks.

 The participating organizations at the September 8th meeting encompass a wide range of conservation goals. These include Bon Bèrdè’s focus on conserving Bonaire’s endemic Sabal palm, the Reef Renewal Foundation’s dedication to innovative coral restoration, and other notable entities such as STINAPA, the Caribbean Speleological Society, Echo Foundation, Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire, and the WWF Dutch Caribbean branch.

 As Bonaire advances its development in line with sustainable practices, these initiatives underscore the community’s dedication to safeguarding and enhancing the island’s diverse biodiversity. This, in turn, should support livelihoods, food security, and climate resilience.


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