Illegal casino operator released Aruba

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It seems clear that Elio Livi will not get much punishment for the crime of operating an illegal casino. This is because the authorities have allowed her to leave Aruba while she has a case pending in court.
Recall that during the pandemic, when this crime was committed, Livi started operating an illegal casino, Italian mafia style. This went on for almost a year. And now that he has to appear in court, it turns out that he no longer lives in Aruba and the summons has not reached him.
What is even stranger than what could have been understood about this case is that the Public Prosecutor has only one charge against him, that of operating a casino illegally.
The big question is how can there be only one charge against him? This man had to withdraw a lot of money during the one year that the illegal casino was in operation (when all other casinos had to close their doors). He never declared any of these revenues to the IRS.
Despite a technicality, he almost lost this case as well. Today the judge gave the OM the chance to get a new subpoena for his supposedly New York address. This is the new address listed in the case documents. He’s only a few hours away from delivering the subpoena in New York, where he no longer lives.
Let us hear what further charges they may bring against this man, including tax evasion. Any citizen of Aruba who did this could be accused of something that did not happen to Levi, who is a friend of people known in Aruba.

This man, who is Venezuelan but can enter the United States because he also holds this nationality, was involved in several projects in Aruba, but none of which were ever realized. It is already suspected that a person does not worry about losing so much money and remain calm.
It is now up to the authorities to ensure he can be subpoenaed to appear in court. But these must be charges that really illustrate the crime he committed.

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