MFK seeks flabby arguments for not meeting on ENNIA

Eng Mfk Seeks Flabby Arguments

Fraction of PAR, MAN and TPK became aware of the letter that Minister President Pisas sent to the Speaker reacting to the request for an urgent public meeting on the site of Ennia. As the highest representative of the people we also have our questions and concerns about the situation of Ennia and its possible consequences.

It is unacceptable and undemocratic how a Minister President chooses to agree ” means silence ” about the democratic representative body of our country. While the Dutch Government on behalf of the Secretary of State Mrs A. van Huffelen provided information on ENNIA in different shapes in the house of representatives. After King Willem-Alexander’s speech on Prinsjesdag Mrs. Van Huffelen held a press conference and talked about Ennia’s problems. At the press conference Mrs. Van Huffelen provided information on the liquidity problem that the Ennia company is facing.

In the same breath, the house of The representative discussed the application for bail of 1.2 billion Antillean Guilder that The Correntino government requested. All the application documents and advice from the CFT on the application are public in which you can see the consequence that this loan has by the 2024 budget and more Year of our Curacao homeland.

Fractions of PAIR, hand and TPK want to show the President of Parliament that in his duties the it cannot be accepted from a Government that indicates that they do not come to give accounts and reasons to Parliament about a big problem like ENNIA’s. Sure when there is every indication that the the impact that the ENNIA problem has on our community and that in the end the Parliament decisions must also be made in this regard.

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