New Papiamentu Feng Shui book on the market

Ok Rj Boy Magdalena

For the year of the Green Dragon

President of the Small Business Association in Curaçao (ADECK), Gabriël ‘Boy’ Magdalena recently received the 4th book in Papiamentu on Feng Shui by consultant, advisor, and author Reyna Joe.

The new book is for the year 2024, the Year of the Green Dragon and it is for everyone wanting to use this ancient wisdom to make their lives better or to maintain the life they have, no matter where they are standing in life at this moment.

Business people certainly benefit from this ancient knowledge that will not only be the guide on how to organize their business but also to know at what moment or not to make important decisions for the future of their business.

The book is an informative tool for everyone who knows their importance and who would like to know how to deal with success and the areas in their life that are authority, fame and good name, love and romance, good children and creativity, traveling and helpful people, steady income with a job, knowledge, and intelligence, health and plenty money.

It also is valuable for students and people who are going to construct a building.

Users will get, next to general information, also specific dates to plan the year and their life, by using the detailed explanation of the different present energies.

Reyna Joe has already written 3 Feng Shui books in Papiamentu: in 2023 on the Year of the Water Rabbit, 2022 on the Year of the Water Tiger and 2021 the Year of the Golden Ox.

The years are indicated according to the Chinese astrological signs and elements used in Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is the ancient Asian life philosophy used through the ages by Chinese emperors to stay in power and it is still used by people in power positions all over the world.

The book ‘Dragon Bèrdè’ is available at 5999 561 2818.

In the picture the moment that Reyna Joe presents her new book to Gabriël ‘Boy’ Magdalena.

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