Nizes interna VWS orgational conference Defeating Dementia on October 2

Eng Vws Organiseert Op 2 Oktober Internationale Conferentie Defeating Dementia 336

The number of people with dementia is increasing rapidly worldwide. According to the World Health Organization ( WHO ), 55 million people are currently suffering from the major disease and are expected to rise to 139 million by 2050. On Monday 2 October 2023, the Ministry of Health, Welfare & Sport (VWS) therefore organized the international conference ‘Defeating Dementia’.

The Ministry does this to underline the importance of the fight against dementia and to strengthen cooperation between G20 countries, healthcare, the research field and other stakeholders. Minister Helder for Long-term Care and Sport is the host of the conference. The meeting takes place in the art museum in The Hague and is organized by VWS in close collaboration with the World Dementia Council ( WDC ).

The conference focuses on the latest developments in dementia care, medicines, technology, participation of people with dementia, diagnostics and preventionMore than 120 participants and speakers consisting of representatives of G20 countries, the WHO, international top researchers, directors of healthcare organizations, interest groups, people with dementia and their caregivers come together. In addition to Minister Helder, Prime Minister Rutte will also speak during ‘Defeating Dementia’. The aim is to make international agreements about concrete actions that improve dementia care worldwide and boost investment in scientific research.

Global impact
Dementia has profound consequences for a person’s life and also affects his or her environment, family and friends. Due to the damage to the brain, memory, orientation and the concept of language decrease further and further. As a result, more help and care is needed step by step. In the Netherlands, 1 in 5 people develop brain disease.

The growth in the number of people with dementia also has a major impact on the accessibility and affordability of care. Dementia economies worldwide are estimated to cost € 1.2 trillion and will increase to € 2.6 trillion by 2030. All this underlines the importance of investing more internationally in scientific research and appropriate care and support for people with dementia. During the international conference, representatives from more than 20 different countries – including the United States, Japan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Canada will discuss this. Attention is not only paid to the development of new medicines, but also to prevention and technological innovations that informal caregivers and care workers can relieve.

Premiere ‘ Human Forever ’
During the conference, a shortened version of the documentary ‘Human Forever’ from healthcare provider Teun Toebes ( 24 ) can be seen for the participants present. The documentary is about the journey he made together with documentary filmmaker Jonathan de Jong. They visited 11 countries across 4 continents to investigate how people deal with dementia worldwide and especially how we can work together for a hopeful future for people with the disease. The film will premiere entirely on October 9.

Will continue the Participation Perform for the international representatives present during the afternoon program. The choir consists of people with dementia and ‘ mantle singers ’ without dementia. Together they are accompanied by professional singers ( soloists ), instrumentalists and a conductor. Research into this initiative shows that participation in the choir provides, among other things, improved cognitive functions, stronger social relationships and more confidence in people with dementia.

Eng Vws Organiseert Op 2 Oktober Internationale Conferentie Defeating Dementia 1Eng Vws Organiseert Op 2 Oktober Internationale Conferentie Defeating Dementia

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