Serious accident in San Nicolas with heavy damage and injuries

Accidente Na San Nicolas 2

In the early morning hours on the main road in Aruba just in front of Joe Laveist Sport Park there was an accident in which a white car swerved to stop in front of Joe Laveist Sport Park, but the black car coming behind it was coming at a high speed where it could not stop at the time the car swerved, as a consequence of which it hit the driver’s side of the White car and the car spun to hit another car parked in the parking lot.

There is a lot of material damage, but also each driver was shocked and received many blows to the body. Police and ambulances arrived at the scene to take care of the victims and transport them to the hospital for further treatment and care. These types of accidents are often the cause of high-speed driving, certainly a point that police often talk about, “Is better you’re 1 minute late, than not even there”. Let’s be more calm in these last days of the year and always remember that there are families waiting for you at home.

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