Starting March 5th, 2024 the workshop DEVELOP YOUR OWN FILM by Rebecca Roos will initiate

Rebecca Roos



Do you have an idea for a film, a short film, a documentary or a webseries? 

During 9 sessions in 3 weeks, you will develop your idea into a full fledged professional project proposal, including a preliminary budget and a good pitch. 

At the end of the workshop, you will get the chance to present your project to a panel of professionals linked to organizations, both non-profit as well as for-profit, that are known to help finance these kinds of projects and get feedback from their point of view.


Between the 5th and 21st of March, 2024, every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening between 6:30 PM and 9:30 PM we will get together at the National Archeological Museum Aruba (MANA) and go through all the elements that are essential to develop your idea into a good project: research, writing a script, how your creative style informs your productional and post-productional necessities, what you need to take the next step from development to production itself and financing. 


To register please fill in the form you can find at: https://forms.gle/ikSA2aFMjbMvdGPg6


You do not need your own equipment to participate in this workshop. production equipment, from cameras to computers will be made available if the workshop activities require this.


Rebecca Roos is organizing workshops for all those interested in developing their knowledge about audiovisual production. Up until now Rebecca has mainly done this internationally but this year she has started with a series of workshops in Aruba. The first was an intensive documentary filmmaking workshop. During this workshop 3 teams consisting of members of varying ages and walks of life produced three short documentaries that soon will premiere at an international film festival.

Rebecca Roos Productions organizes these workshops using the infrastructure of the soon to be founded Cinema Education & Research Foundation, a foundation that is dedicated to raise the level of the audiovisual sector in Aruba. The foundation will encourage all kinds of

audiovisual productions, not only where style or genre is concerned, fiction or documentary, but also the topics that are relevant to our community.

Rebecca Roos

Workshop Di Rebecca Roos Na Museo Arqueologico Nacional ArubaWorkshop Di Rebecca Roos Na Museo Arqueologico Nacional Aruba

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