Unemployment rate stands at 4.3% in Aruba

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Minister Glenbert Croes opened the week with a very big and positive announcement. For the first time in two decades, the figure is lower than ever before. The unemployment rate is 4.3%.

The figures the president presented today date back to 2000 with an unemployment rate of 4.8%. Last year it fluctuated to 11.4% unemployment. But today we can proudly announce that the unemployment rate is at a record-low 4.3%.

When Minister Glenbert Croes became Minister of Labour in 2017, he inherited an unemployment rate of 8.9%. As of 2018, his efforts as Minister of Labor began to bear fruit and unemployment began to decline reaching 7.3% and in 2019, 5.2%. Finally 2020 Corona has knocked on our door with all its consequences. It is a time of great despair that we have lived as a people and as a nation. Yet we all have our heads shaved to overcome the difficult times we have also faced.

Today our economy is strong. Our tourism is flourishing making Aruba the leading island of recovery in the Caribbean. Our people are working. And Labor Minister Glenbert Croes’ policy of putting locals first in jobs is paying off. The Labor Force Survey was conducted by DAO, CBS and the Central Bank of Aruba.

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