When you identify an opportunity for your country, you have to grab it with both hands

Minister Di Energia Glenbert Croes

In a press conference, Minister of Energy Glenbert Croes explained the great economic impact that the “partnership” between Aruba and Acciona Energia will have on the economy of our country. Minister Croes indicated that the MOU signed by WEB, Utilities, RDA and ELMAR with Acciona Energia to realize Aruba Hydrogen Valley, is a great and positive step for the country of Aruba and that the Government is extremely proud of it. It should be noted that the insinuations that the company of Eagle LNG and Acciona Energia, one will eliminate the other are completely false. They will co-exist with each other, where the community of Aruba will live in an economic environment where both are available for our community, economy and for export.

Minister Croes indicated that he was pleased that the Government had managed to reach an agreement with Acciona Energia, which is the first operator in the world dedicated exclusively to renewable energy. A large and renowned company, with more than 45 thousand employees, a revenue of more than 20 billion Euros, and 29 years of experience. Additionally, the company has a global presence in more than 10 different countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, India, Chile, Portugal, and recently Aruba. The agreement between Aruba and Acciona Energia shows that we are committed to decarbonization.

Aruba as an island in the Caribbean and with a strong sun is the ideal country for the Green Hydrogen Valley project. Green hydrogen will meet EU standards and be cost-competitive, considering Aruba is among the top 5 countries in the world ideal for generating electricity from wind and solar. Also the location of the island is an advantage, as it is accessible for the sale and production of green hydrogen. The “business model” for green hyrdogen to become another economic pillar based on exports, will have a big impact for the country of Aruba.

Minister Croes indicated that this project is new to Aruba, but believes that once an opportunity is identified for your country, you should embrace it and realize it. Because of this great opportunity, Aruba sought international consultants to guide us in the right direction to realize this project.

The Aruba Hydrogen Valley will generate employment, and through exports, the impact is much greater than what our local economy can consume, the revenues for the country Aruba will be impactful, contributing to a greater level of prosperity.As a small country, Aruba will produce natural gas and hydrogen.

“I credit Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes as the Minister of Energy, for coming up with the National Energy Policy. I also admire the passion of coalition colleagues on the topic of hydrogen. And as the current Minister of Energy, it is an honor to be the accelerator in making these visions a reality”, Minister Croes said.

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