A social cultural planning bureau will provide urgently needed scientific studies

Eng A Socio Cultural Planning Bureau Will Provide Urgently Needed Scientific Studies

High cost of living, loss of purchasing power, rising cost of doing business, declining private investment, worrying differences in income distribution, poverty and family fragmentation, and physical and social deterioration are all major challenges facing the country.

In a time when complex challenges continue to influence our development, the need for reliable guidance and knowledge becomes essential. Solutions must be based on extensive and in-depth scientific studies. We can’t work with a single set of numbers isolated from a host of other realities and community factors. We need a full dashboard of information to set policies and make decisions, the leader of the AVP faction, Mr. Mike Eman said.

The proposal to establish a social-cultural planning office Aruba (scpa) plays a crucial role in this vision. Scpa will function as an independent scientific research entity that analyzes, researches, and reports on socio-economic and community issues in a scientifically based manner. This not only brings a deep understanding of these issues, but also provides a broad dashboard of reliable and in-depth information to our community, he added.

In order to achieve a national consensus on the change of direction that our country must go to get out of the worrying situation it is in, we need to dialogue. We need to take this dialogue based on extensive and in-depth information that we need to analyze with the participation of scientific professionals. Therefore a social and cultural planning bureau is urgently needed, Mr. Mike emphasized.

“This confidence in science, coupled with a clear view of the realities that people live in, will have the credibility needed to create a national support for change of course. With the dashboard of information that a scpa can provide, we will have impartial, professional data with which we can make the right decisions”

The leader of the avp faction, mr. Mike Eman, who led as Prime Minister such in-depth dialogues, with professional data, underlines the value of a socio-cultural planning office in Aruba, as they have planned in their proposal. Our proposal to establish together with the Netherlands a social-cultural planning office in Aruba (scpa) is crucial to provide a comprehensive dashboard of scientific information so that we can work for the common good of the whole Aruban community. A single set of figures, isolated from a host of other realities and community factors, is not enough. We need a full dashboard of reliable information to set policies and make decisions to determine a positive change course for Aruba.

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