Cabinet Wever-Croes recognized the work of Mr. Hubert Tiel

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One of the exemplary members of the press in our community who has attended the most press conferences of the Government of Aruba throughout the year is Hubert Tiel. During the press briefing on Sunday, September 3, Cabinet Wever-Croes recognized Mr. Hubert Tiel as an exemplary member of the press in our community. This as a sign of appreciation and gratitude for being the member of the press of Aruba who attended the press conferences of the Government of Aruba. This is to appreciate the dedication and the work done.

Mr. Hubert Tiel has a total of 21 years in the press. Bon Dia Aruba was the first newspaper where Mr. Hubert Tiel worked. He then worked as a deliverer for the Aruba Daily and later as a reporter-photographer for the Diario.

Mr. Tiel has a very funny but a real anecdote that can happen in the daily life of a journalist. The anecdote goes like this: There was a storm, with heavy torrential rains, that began to fall early in the morning on Aruba. And at Playa the water level of ‘Rooi Manonchi’ in Caya Betico Croes had risen to the road. Just then a young Dutch European woman tried to pass with her car, and the heavy rainwater that was running pushed the car with the lady in the water.

The strong rainwater that was running pushed the car and the woman in the direction of the bridge on Milio Croes Avenue, just across from the Banco di Caribe in the Vondellaan. Mr. Tiel arrived and saw that the car with the lady was stuck under the bridge.

Mr. Tiel, with the help of Piet Martinus (of Piet Snack Truck) who happened to be passing by, helped to get the woman, completely wet out of the car and let her sit into Piet’s Truck so they wouldn’t get stuck in the rain.

Mr. Piet had a small bottle of hard liquor and gave her a cup to drink. Then Mr. Tiel came, and asked the lady: “Miss, do you want to sell this car to me?” And Mr. Tiel bought the car right away. So can be mentioned various incidents that happen throughout the year with a photographer/reporter and often helps another without thinking. Hubert Tiel is also known for his morning cheerfulness at press conferences where everyone says good morning and he walks in with a smile and says Good Diario and this is how he often opens his morning.

Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes, on behalf of the Government of Aruba would like to thank Mr. Hubert Tiel for all the work he does for and in our community. Thank you.

Hubert Tiel

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