Coast Guard control during Easter weekend

Kustwacht Aruba

The coast guard is conducting inspections at sea this Easter weekend. The purpose of these checks is to ensure public order and safety at sea. The inspection patrols are carried out with the Maritime Police, among others.

The Coast Guard advises boat and seadoo owners to take into account the availability of all valid documents on board such as: inspection card, registration card, captain’s licence and sailing licence; sufficient life jackets based on the boat licence must be on board and there must not be too many passengers on board to avoid dangerous situations at sea. The Coastguard advises boat owners to have a livery on board and to have an anchor on board with sufficient rope.

Always let your family know where you’re going with your boat. In dangerous situations, your family knows where you are and can get help quickly. Areas where checks are carried out on Easter weekend include: Sanicolas, the reef areas, Arashi, Eagle Beach, North Side and others are locations the Coast Guard cruises by.

The Coast Guard advises all boat owners to maintain their boat regularly. Make sure you have enough safety and life-saving equipment on board such as: swimming vests, flashlight, EHBO kit, enough water, fire extinguisher, VHF radio or a charged mobile phone. Prevent any mishap en route and any dangerous situation at sea with your boat and your passengers. If you need help, you can call the Coast Guard on 913 or Whatsapp 005999 510 0913.

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