Europe Direct Curaçao successfully organizes EU Debate

Eng Europe Direct Curacao Successfully Organizes Eu Debate 2

Europe Direct Curaçao, in collaboration with the University of Curaçao Dr. Moises Da Costa Gomez (UoC) and CuraçaoChamber of Commerce & Industry, organized an EU Debate. The debate focused on the European Parliamentary Elections scheduled for June 2024. Attendees agreed that the registration requirement to vote poses an obstacle for Curaçao voters, as registration is done digitally, and not everyone in Curaçao has access to a computer or laptop.

The debate featured discussions on propositions regarding the status of Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs) and access to EU funds. The Youth Sounding Board of Europe Direct Curaçao played a dynamic role in enriching this discussion with their youthful perspectives. Their participation underscored the importance of inclusivity and youth engagement in the European debate on Curaçao.

Panelists Gwendell Mercelina, Judric Pietersz, KenvilleKleinmoedig, Dave Liqui Lung, and Remco Gomez took positions on various EU topics, such as the EU Green Deal. Additionally, the audience voiced their opinions and actively joined the discussion, particularly towards the end of the evening, regarding the proposition, “We are an asset to the EU, and the EU is an asset to us.” Europe Direct Curaçao and UoC are pleased with the outcome of the evening.

Eng Europe Direct Curacao Successfully Organizes Eu Debate 1Eng Europe Direct Curacao Successfully Organizes Eu Debate 3

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