National award “Crioyo de Oro” will be awarded on December 1

Pap Premio Nacional Crioyo Di Oro Lo Wordo Otorga 1 Di December .3

In 2021 Jossy Brokke Jr. was the first artist to be honored with this national award for his artistic excellence and for 65 years of contribution to the cultural development of Aruba.

In 2022, after a month-long period in which the general community could nominate their favorites, the game was released.

Maybelline Arends-Croes will receive this national award.

The national award   Cioyo de Oro  is an award created and presented by the Go Cultura Foundation as a tribute to local strongholds that are part of the local art industry.

Performing arts: singer, musician, actor, poet, filmmaker, promoter and more, who have impacted our community in an impressive way and who have dedicated their long lives to the positive development and cultural advancement of Aruba.

This year, the Go Cultura Foundation announced once again that the general public can participate in the nomination process for the next person, persons or groups to receive this award. During the first day that the nomination platform went public, a record 338 nominations were received. So there was a huge, immediate reaction from our community that nominated several people that they would like to see receive this prestigious award.

In order to be considered for the main prize by the Go Cultura Foundation committee, there are several requirements that must be met. Among other things, the person must be alive, have dedicated his or her long and exceptionally visible life to the cultural advancement of Aruba, enjoy a good reputation in the community and have demonstrated a clear contribution to raising the profile of Aruba’s Cultural and Creative Industries, impacting cultural, social and even economic development.

This year, 3 new categories were introduced: Stimulus Award, Contributor of Excellence Award and Posthumous Honor. On the nomination page, you can read all the details of these new categories.      The winners of this award for 2023 will be announced in October.

This will also pave the way for the gala celebration and homage to take place on December 1st,2023.  The public is welcome to attend, as was the case the first two years.

The award itself, is a design by the Go Cultura Foundation and a production of artist Gilbert Senchi.        It has a very particular symbolism of success, challenge, failure, perseverance, consistency, overcoming and excellence. You can also nominate your favorite cultural stronghold and you can nominate more than one person. We invite you to scan the QR-code to access the digital page or visit the Go Cultura Foundation page on Facebook to click on the link to do nomination.

 Pap Premio Nacional Crioyo Di Oro Lo Wordo Otorga 1 Di December

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