Recently, the country’s 2023 supplementary budget was discussed at public meetings of the Aruba parliament

Eng Recently The Countrys 2023 Supplementary Budget Was Discussed At Public Meetings Of The Aruba Parliament

Minister of education and sports endy croes answered questions regarding the ministry of education from MPs during the defection. Minister endy croes explained during the public meeting that all schools and school boards would have “normbedrag” savings, therefore “normbedrag” of each school would increase.

Also during the public meeting, Minister endy croes elaborated on the change he made to the sum of Awg. 350 thousand from the Aruban Pedagogical Institute (ipa). This amount is intended for other projects of Department of Education (dea), among others, development and review of methods for the management of New language. The Minister of education explained that this would not affect the “onderwijsklimaat” in ipa, Because it is not structural and it is only for the year 2023.

Along with this, Minister endy croes responded to a motion that was made to expand social work in School. Minister endy croes indicated that in the teachings of Aruba we take into account all kinds of Disorder, depending on the medical care that exists. If an expert, such as a psychologist and/or psychiatrist To indicate what should be done when preparing assessments is to give these students extra time. Also, it has continued to be said that he is aware of the problems that exist in terms of mental health, therefore they are working on a way to improve the care structures in Aruban teaching to make it efficient.

In addition, Minister endy croes pointed out that work is being done in primary education, where one of the The measures are to reach “sensitief responsief underwijs”, which is aimed at enabling the adult to act more Directed to the social emotional need of the student. The adult may be a parent, teacher or a “schoolleidster”. Also, one of the measures is that the teacher has the necessary tools so that they can Apply “sensitief responsief underwijs” at school.

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