Halloween!? October, the month of terror

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The months of October and celebrations are approaching and one of its celebrations and days of greatest suspension is gradually approaching, the present and future past of this great celebration put into perspective by our country. 

The month of October brings with it a celebration that originally began in an old festival with the number samhain, with the greatest reason to protect their crops and run with all the spirits, little by little this has evolved into what we know now which is a celebration with many costumes and tricks or treatments. 

Good or Bad?

Trick or Treat is a big part that is part of this celebration but a big problem that goes hand in hand with this is the abduction and poisoning of children, young people and the elderly caused by this event since it opens the doors to many bad things, a day that is celebrated worldwide and little by little it has stopped stopping because of the security problems that it entails for a community. Aruba is privileged to be a country that does not celebrate it in a big way and one that for the most part is a pretty safe one.

Halloween has its good and bad things, dressing up and having fun is part of it, but that you have to go with caution is Safe, halloween can have different things with it at the level of personal and mental safety but also spiritual. At last it is a celebration with effects in our spiritual area also as it opens the door to many things including spirits to dwell in us and around Us.

Problems that may be not looking right away but can have a great effect on each of us. Celebrating such a day is open to the preferences of each of us, different events take place on this day and it is a celebration that is growing on our island but compared to the world there are different countries that have already decided to stop it as it suggests a very big security for your country. 

Dressing up and wandering around to look for sweet things and show us in costume, or going to movies and watching a horror movie, or quitting and going out in costume is all a possibility. Always remembering the consequences we have of our decisions for each celebration remains our responsibility.

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