Sad for politicians and unions to cry out for RAFT knowing what Aruba has lived under Curaçao/Netherlands forgetting our struggle for status apart

Pap Tristo Pa Politico Y Gremio Grita Pro Raft Sabiendo Kico Aruba A Biba Bao Di Curacao

Statements in the Teewde Kamara drew the attention of Ex minister Otmar Oduber, where the state secretary Alexandra van Huffelen expressed the disappointment of Aruba. Looking at the statements I don’t know if the statements made will be a surprise for Aruba or not, but it is extremely regrettable that despite the feeling at this moment that Aruba more than ever needs to unify in order to address a serious financial situation for our country.

While the Netherlands is taking its decisions as announced in the house of representatives by the state secretary on behalf of the Dutch government, here in Aruba it is as if we still want to see who has more power than the other.

According to former minister Otmar Oduber while in Aruba they want to show who has more power over each other, where the government of Aruba, the Parliament as a whole and the AVP party is simply the second largest opposition party do not make noise, do not come out and lend themselves to help reach a solution.

There comes a time when it is not because the opposition should continue to do everything that is against or try to deceive the sitting government, but it has come to these moments to stand quietly for a while and unite for Aruba and stop playing between politicians, in this case it is those in parliament who are all 21 members of parliament who can make a difference in the well-being of Aruba.

However, currently 21 parliamentarians are trying to score against each other, it’s not just about AVP in opposition but other parties also in opposition that are acting 21 and others who are trying to be wiser than everyone else and pretend that their proposals are better, but at the same time they don’t raise a hand to really do what we have done in the past.

Speaking about two former politicians like Shon A Eman, Betico Croes, Henny Eman, Juancho Yrausquin that when it comes to achieving great things for the country of Aruba, we should be together and together they have achieved.

According to former minister Otmar Oduber, it is not only those who are in parliament and government at the moment, but the coalition itself that supports this government that in this case does not give clarity to the community where they stand.

Prime Minister of Aruba Sra. Evelyn Wever Croes signed for RAFT. Where does the MEP stand? Where does RAIZ stand? It either supports the prime minister or it does not support the prime minister. In the meantime, if you look at the steps the Dutch have taken, they have already decided on us.

However, not only those in the government or those who support the government, but the guilds in Aruba have also come out individually to attack the government or to attack the parliament, to unilaterally say that we should accept RAFT no matter. It’s hard to believe these statements knowing what Aruba went through when it was under Curacao/Netherlands.

This breaks the conflict that our forefathers all faced. Today there may be many people who do not remember where this struggle started, today there may be many people in the new politics that is being talked about, the new generation does not remember how we lived 40 years ago when Curaçao and the Netherlands ruled over us.

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