The Netherlands will lend money at 3% and want to give Aruba at 6% this is not acceptable and for this reason it is on the table

Pap Hulanda Lo Presta Placa Na 3 Y Kier Duna Aruba Na 6 Esaki No Ta Aceptabel Y Pa E Motibo Aki Ta Na Mesa

Aruba is part of the Netherlands and the statute says that we must help each other when in need, in this case the Netherlands says that they want to help Aruba and Aruba wants to pay the Netherlands and Aruba will pay the Netherlands, this is without a doubt.

Let us not become weary, but let us help each other. According to Prime Minister Evelyn Wever Croes, the Netherlands will lend the money at 3%, and when it lends to Aruba, it wants to charge Aruba 6% on it.

This is the reason why it is still on the table with the Netherlands because this part is an abuse and Prime Minister Evelyn Wever Croes does not allow this to happen with Aruba.

According to Prime Minister Evelyn Wever Croes, if the Netherlands actually lends money at 3% and puts something on it it is acceptable, but to double up this part that is earned on the heads of the people of Aruba is not fair.

This part is not in the Kingdom relationship either, and for this reason they sit at the table talking about the conditions at the table. The Netherlands has already expressed the conditions on the table and believes there is still a lot of fruitful time to talk and hopefully get out of the situation.

What should be clear is that Aruba should not be afraid because this is how normal negotiations are done. We should stand up and explain what we stand for and not give up and give in to what the Netherlands is asking.

Aruba is singing on the right track, thank God Aruba’s recovery is on the right track. If Aruba has to pay high interest rates, this is what Aruba has always paid, but the conditions that the Netherlands impose must be reasonable to it as well and these are the parties that should be most clearly on the table and reach a mutual agreement that is good for both Aruba and the Netherlands.

Prime Minister Evelyn Wever Croes assures the people of Aruba that they will get out of this situation in the best possible way, a deal that is better for the people of Aruba. What is a reality is that negotiations are not an easy way to solve things, so sitting at the table and taking time to reach a better deal for Aruba, but also for the Netherlands.

The Prime Minister believes that there should be no panic and no disunity, because that is what he wants to create in the community where he wants people to come together, pull away from each other so that they are not on the same line because then they will achieve what they want.

At a time when a more united people can be more peaceful, whatever happens, if there is a high interest rate, it will not be taken out of the people’s pockets, seeing that the money is coming out of those who did not pay taxes, which is the big fish that now has to pay taxes. In addition, there are several companies and identities that have not paid taxes for a long time, which means that they will have to start paying taxes and this will contribute to Aruba’s debt repayment.

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