Tourism Corporation Bonaire in collaboration with FuHiKuBo launches new signage project around the island of Bonaire

Tcb X Fuhikubo

Elevating the visitors’ experience with knowledge of Bonaire’s history and heritage

Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) is proud to announce its collaboration with Fundashon Históriko Kultural Boneriano (FuHiKuBo) on the Bonaire Signage Project.

As part of the Tourism Recovery Plan one of the main objectives is product improvement to elevate the visitors’ experience. TCB’s aim is to expand the benefits stemming from tourism development to a broader segment of the Bonaire population by educating our community but also facilitating the visitors with accurate information about various elements of the tangible and intangible heritage and history of Bonaire through the signage project.

To achieve this objective, FuHiKuBo and TCB entered a partnership in which FuHiKuBo provides valuable material from their collections and archives about different spots around the island which are worth highlighting. With their experts, FuHiKuBo will advise in the selection of sites to be included in the signage project. Currently, there are up to 67 potential locations where a sign can be placed to enhance the knowledge of our locals and visitors. To keep the information signings cohesive to the Bonaire Branding, TCB will design and organize the manufacturing and placement of the signs. 

“It is important to keep our values alive by continuing to enlighten our visitors and community about our rich history and intangible/tangible cultural heritage and our efforts to preserve our cultural and historical assets on Bonaire. We firmly believe in partnership and collaboration and would like to thank FuHiKuBo for their support and contribution”, said Miles B M Mercera, CEO of TCB.

FuHiKuBo and TCB will continue to explore and realize a variety of ways in the future to provide more knowledge of our culture and history to our community and visitors. 

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