We must continue to protect what is ours and be proud to be a Caribbean country

Producto Aruba

On the main airport road to the hotels is the first sight that tourists should see of Aruba. In the last days these could note that the cleansing they were carrying out and also the restoration of the way had already taken place.

The important thing is that the impression of cleanliness and order is maintained. We were able to take note of a complete team of people working with DOW making our coconut palms which are our original Aruban palms that illustrate the Caribbean and that identify us in Aruba, certainly a first glimpse of the Aruba product and identity. The coconut palms that identify the Caribbean, identify us.

Unfortunately many of these types of poles have been removed in the past, but what we do have is that we can all enjoy them on this main part of the road that leads to the hotels. However, the unfortunate thing is that the identity of Aruba has been left far behind when it comes to Americanizing Aruba and we are paying for wooden poles that cost many millions when we have our own growing poles here in Aruba. Today we are paying even this and it is part of the unnecessary debt that the politicians of the past put us into.

Aruba has lost much of its original product, for example all of us who live on this piece of rock need and are paying for the huge logs of wood that are put in the main street and around Aruba that are not born here and are not our identity as a country and at the same time killed the development and killed the identity of the country, we can fly up and fall down we are an island in the Caribbean that we must protect our identity and our culture together a tourist does not come to a country in the Caribbean American, but to come to know a country with its feet on the ground and which has its own products and identity as a country. A beautiful work can be seen on the actions and processes of caring for our original Aruban trees that identify us as the Aruban and Aruban.

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