Large-scale disaster training in Curoil on September 13

Pap Treinnan Di Calamidad Riba Escala Grandi Na Curoil Dia 13 Di September Venidero 1

The Bonaire calamity combat team together with Curoil Depot Hato are going to simulate a disaster with fuel. These large-scale commuter trains in Curoil Depot Hato take place on Wednesday, September 13, 2023 from 14.30 to 17.00.

When simulating a fire, the calamitous combat team wants to train its crisis approach in as realistic a way as possible. For safety reasons, Gob Street is closed during trains. N. Debrot on the one hand at the height of Boat Yard to the Zhung Kong Supermarket. A diversion route will be established via Nijmegen Street, The Hague, Diamanta Street and Breda Street.

When viewing the location of the WEBSITE in the so-called effects area of these trains, WEB employees will have to briefly leave the WEB grounds.

For these trains in practice, extras are used to act as wounded in order to create a train as realistic as possible. Later on, the Dutch East Indies Police Corps (KPCN) and the Dutch East Indies Fire Brigade (bkcn) will be visibly present. The Red Cross will provide support to the ambulances.

Cuijpers Consultancy organizes the trains on behalf of public entities Bonaire and Curoil. Every year the Bonaire public entities calamity team organizes large-scale calamity trains to be well prepared in case of an eventual calamity.

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