Minister Ursell Arends is NOT Integrity: Ursell Arends manages all his departments like a headless rooster

Ursell Arends Ta Maneha Tur Su Departamentonan Manera Un Gai Sin Cabes

Serlimar is a government department that can make a lot of money for Aruba, today dirt generates money, however Minister Ursell Arends since he took office as minister has not cared and is not caring for this department and little by little it is falling behind. What exactly is the goal for this department to fall behind? Who else or how else does it benefit each other and not LandAruba? Knowing that public finances need revenue.

Minister Ursell Arends doesn’t even know what he’s doing to fix the situation. However, today it can be seen that Minister Ursell Arends is the minister who raised the collection of waste in Aruba by 35 florins and there are no protests or counter campaigns. Is the black cat behind the curtain still singing in the dark or has it managed to catch the beginning? Where is the transparency and integrity of Minister Ursell Arends?

According to politician Otmar Oduber the only thing that has changed in the last few months is that the only 15% of citizens who pay for their garbage to be collected has received a 40% increase and they have to pay. As Minister Ursell Arends has been managing his entire portfolio they are running a headless game where he has raised the price of collecting garbage without care to pass the law in parliament so that they can continue the route to independence only for a general election and so that they can stand on their own feet and government and we all benefit from these revenues so that people get it back and help the public finances of Aruba and help pay off the debt.

However, there is a curator who is a lawyer friend of minister Ursell Arends who made minister Ursell Arends file a case against himself a government to later withdraw and this same lawyer Geert Rep is a lawyer of the same foundation Aruba Birdlife Conservation who is a lawyer who is a curator in serlimar and receives money before serlimar can pay his debts.

This is obvious and this same minister wants to talk about integrity where in his own mind he has a knack for eating and manipulating an entire system for his own benefit? Looking at these developments it is important for minister Ursell Arends to be investigated because this triangle of working systems is not reliable and is not integrated and in the end it is Aruba that is endangered.

But what exactly is the goal of Minister Ursell Arends’ entry into politics? Even before he entered politics in full campaign he was already trading land for the hotel he worked for, certainly a lesson that he copied from Aruba’s most corrupt and power-hungry politician who campaigned under his arms and promised land in exchange for votes. This is the example that corrupt politicians give to new politicians who want to enter politics in Aruba.

What is the principle and the reason for entering politics ?, seeing this development does not seem to work for the community of Aruba seeing that today Minister Ursell Arends has not worked and presented a policy and plan to repair any of his departments, this leaves a lot of rot and stink in the entire process of governance of Minister Ursell Arends.

The lawyer Geert Rap has already been collecting his curator salary for two years with the same plan from two years ago in existence and that he needs to execute the Serlimar law that has been 4 years in parliament so that no one has the courage to take this law into action to improve the situation of waste in Aruba and to address all the problems of dumping on the island.

According to the politician Otmar Oduber the only achievements so far of minister Ursell Arends was that he closed a dump to create more than 300 illegal dumps around Aruba and on the other hand there is also a danger of chaos in different situations in Aruba where it seems that there is simply no attention of the minister to the environment.

According to Otmar Oduber at the end of the two-year-long ministry Ursel Arends did not come up with any additional laws, did not come up with any policies to protect the environment, but if it is a cash to trash or a trash to cash that there is no vision behind it because the reality is that there is no care for any cash to enter and there is no care for any trash to be cleaned or sanitized on Aruba at this time.

However, just as a headless gay man with his chest held high is going to stand in front of the Embassy Suit Hotel calling a press conference attacking Prime Minister Evelyn Wever Croes, attacking yourself a government and going against all the permits that have been given for years for development by investors coming to Aruba to raise money to generate jobs for our people and on the other hand to simply take out and show the arrogance and beatings that you have to ask me as Minister of the Environment “ontzegging” and if you don’t ask me I will stop the work, so Minister Ursell Arends has betrayed and obstructed a development process for which Aruba has received advice from the same lawyer Geert Rap who sits on different advisory chairs of Minister Ursell Arends, curator in fact and is the same lawyer the same Aruba Birdlife Conservation has sent his same department with the same government lawyer working here. Is this what Minister Ursel Arends calls integrity? And where there is a certificate of integrity, let the certificate be secure.

According to Otmar Oduber Unfortunately all the points that were initiated under the previous governance of Otmar Oduber had the honor where under each of these fields he managed to come up with a policy where the direction of Nature en milieu even got a new building renovated in San Nicolas and was involved in the decisions that were taken and today the big question remains, who could have advised to give the beach annexation that Embassy Suit requested? Wasn’t it the DNM itself? Now the question remains to whom is Minister Ursell Arends going to ask for advice in order to grant the ontheffing? Isn’t that the same DNM that gave OK in the aanlegvergunning? Or minister Ursell Arends who has already on several occasions demonstrated his lack of integrity will take the DNM department aside and follow the advice of his friends and either those who patronize his political campaign, or those who decide outside the government because he does not have the capacity to direct his own policy according to the laws and rules of the departments concerned to carry out a government policy. It is important to note that these kinds of moves are the policy of Minister Arends and certainly an investigation have to come.Picture Vozpopuli

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