Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes: Different from the Eman government

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Cabinet wever-croes delivers supplementary budget 2023 on time, without deficit, and with positive advice from the council. During the Supplementary Budget debate in Parliament last Monday, Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes expressed that she was very proud of all her fellow ministers. Certainly especially to Finance Minister Xiomara Maduro for the discipline he has in his work. This is not only demonstrated in the Parliament hall but also in the Council of Ministers. “This is a discipline that is not easy to comply with but all ministers of my Cabinet comply with the commitment with a single goal, which is to improve the financial situation of the country”, the Prime Minister emphasized.

Already in 2017, the Wever-Croes 1 Cabinet began with this vision and discipline. This was accomplished Also with a small surplus in 2019. But as we all know, in 2020, the pandemic hit us hard. However, with the same discipline and determination, the Government of Aruba has continued to work immediately so that now Aruba is in full recovery, not yet where we should be, but if we are on the right track.

The Prime Minister went on to express that he is even more proud of the fact that the Supplementary Budget 2023 is being discussed early. In the past, and certainly some parliamentarians from the parties that form the current Government and some of the current opposition parties, were members of Parliament during the years 2009 to 2017, 8 years long, in which the Parliamentarians were not involved in the decisions of the Government. During these years too, the Parliament has received supplementary budgets. Because if a minister doesn’t get a supplementary budget to change his budget, he can be held personally responsible. But there are big differences between Eman’s government and the government of Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes. The Prime Minister mentioned three of them.

Supplementary budgets of Eman’s government were always delivered late and never delivered.

Involve the Parliament:

Supplementary budgets from previous years of the government on other subjects, were always submitted late to Parliament and were dealt with during the end of the year and almost always opened the year in Parliament. “When the supplementary budget was delivered late, the expenditures were already made and the government of the time had come to the Parliament only to cover themselves and not to seek approval or to inform or to involve the Parliament”, the Prime Minister said.

Supplementary budgets of Eman’s government are delivered with additional deficits:

More sadly, the Prime Minister emphasized that not only was the supplementary budget delivered late to Parliament, but it was delivered with additional deficits, reaching up to 50 million extra florins and by that time, parliamentarians in Mike Eman’s cabinet had approved all of it. “This was the practice of the Eman government at the time along with its parliamentarians”, the Prime Minister remarked.

The Wever-Croes Cabinet government, after many years, delivered surpluses in budgets and But now that you have received the first part, do not underestimate the other part. This is thanks to the work of the Minister of Finance and his professional financial team who have the vision and determination to take Aruba forward.

in progress.

Supplementary budgets of Eman’s government do not have the positive consequences of Raad van Advies: The third reason for comparing the Wever-Croes Cabinet and the Eman Cabinet is the advice of Raad van Advies of the time which was devastating to the previous government and so the parliamentarians who supported the government of Mike Eman, approved the budget without reading, studying and even more, without worry. This was the practice that put Aruba in a very serious financial trouble because it

The majority in Parliament, the people who support Mike Eman’s government, have allowed their government to abuse our people. If we had serious parliamentarians, when the pandemic hit our country in 2020, we would have been better off and it would not have been so devastating for us. Not only did Eman’s government put us in financial trouble but it caused a Dutch distrust of Aruba. Aruba under the green theme, has experienced mismanagement where it has created some unconcerned deficits for our people, and ignored the advice of the Advisory Council.

As of mid-2023, Aruba has no deficit and all outcomes are positive. This is definitely a There is a big difference between Mike Eman’s time in office and that of Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes. This is the first time I’ve seen it. Aruba is in recovery. Our economy is growing. Our tourism is growing. Unemployment fell. Inflation is going down. This is truly progress and well-being for our people. We are not yet where we need to be, but we are on the right track, Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes stressed.

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