ADRA works to train and provide the necessary tools for youths to move forward

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ADRA is in 130 countries around the world independent of religion and politics. ADRA helps you by associating your community, organization and government with ADRA in its task to help a better quality of life on Aruba.
ADRA is not only in Aruba but around the world, in Aruba its vision is to achieve lasting changes that are analyze and documented in life and in society here in Aruba. One of the projects that ADRA is doing for a long time is the project of older adult.

ADRA celebrates a special day with the young mothers that in four month passed a trajectory in class and they finished the process with success. The project is a journey of comprehensive information that focuses on increasing the sustainability of youth between 16 and 24 years.

The group is one that is enough motivate and there was even a 30-year-old young mother who participated. The lectures are self-confidence, self-esteem, sexual education, emotional development, communication, human rights, responsibility and social participation. All these areas young people can handle and and they are also trained to help other young people. Shanetzi Kock who continued with the youth womans in the process here congratulates the youths who finished the process successfully.

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