Aruba Lions Club Proud of Ivan Croes appointed as District Governor 2023

Aruba Lions Club Orguyoso Di Ivan Croes Nombra Como Distric Governeur 2023 1

Aruba Lions Club is extremely pleased with the installation of fellow Lion Ivan Croes who has been appointed as District Governor for 2023. The Aruba Lions Club hosted a toast and welcomed back District Governor Ivan Croes who had just arrived from Boston, where he was appointed District Governor of District 35N. He is the fourth Arubaan to hold such an important position with regard to Lions Club International.

On a pleasant afternoon, Aruba Lions Club President Rubin Ponson took the floor and is extremely proud of Fellow Lion Ivan Croes for his appointment. For the Aruba Lions Club itself, this means a lot. If you look at the paths that have to be taken to get to this position it is not easy, there are many efforts that have been made both physically, financially where it requires a lot of investment and it costs a lot of energy to be able to become a District Governor.

The weekend after was a busy weekend with District Governors from around the world participating in various activities and it was a beautiful moment to see the parades that took place in the streets of Boston where you could see the Fellow President carrying the district flag including that of Aruba and where thousands of people stood on the side of the road watching the big parade.

Surely Aruba Lions Club is very proud to see this moment where the flag of Aruba and that of Aruba Lions Club identifies us as Arubians  in Boston, this is definitely a great moment for Aruba.

Ivan Croes is the 4th District Governor the Aruba Lions have known, the first being in 1964 Lions Oscar Marugg, in 1985 Lions Elias Fingal and in 1999 Lion Frank Croes who later became the charming consul, and today after more than 20 years the Aruba Lions Club is proud that by 2023 Ivan Croes is District Governor for district 35N.

President of Aruba Lions Club Rubin Ponson is extremely proud to have such a Lion in the club and no doubt he can count on all the club members and at the same time will try to make this year a great one.

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