Four decades serving Aruba

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On September 1, 2023, during the graduation ceremony for a large group of police officers, the KPA stood by and paid tribute to two police officers who have completed a total of 82 years of service to the country before and after Aruba gained its Status Aparte.

This is about the police, sir. Innocent “Icho” Matos and Mr. Edgar “Eddy” Ras, each have completed 41 years of service but 41 years of dedication, efforts both in good times and bad but always remained the best of them to make a change and serve the country Aruba.

Mr. Matos is a very loving and respectful person but always wants to continue learning more about making a difference in the congregation. From the moment he became a policeman the heartbeat remained blue to this day. Mr. Matos gained experience and expanded his police career in different police departments. Do not forget that in his free time Mr. Matos also devotes his time to Grupo Los Panaderos, a musical group in which he also plays. Today he is the head of the Santa Cruz Barrio Police. We call Mr. Matos, and his family are delighted with this remarkable achievement in a 41-year police career.

We cannot fail to mention Mr. Ras as a well-known figure in our community with a deep passion for playing instruments and being part of Robert and his Solo Banda Show in his spare time his heart also beats blue. Since joining the Netherlands Antilles Police Corps, Mr. Ras knew that he had to serve his country by wearing the uniform and climbing the ladder. From a young age he joined the police and thus also witnessed the change that Aruba was on its own feet in 1986. In a career spanning over four decades, Mr.Ras gained his experience by spending time in different departments. Today he is back to where he started for the first time at the E.J. Police Academy. Watty Vos. He is now dedicated to guiding young men into the Corps as he did 41 years ago.

Two gentlemen, four decades, a total of 82 years, but the one thing that has always remained in their minds and hearts is to get up every morning with courage and energy to proudly wear the blue uniform and serve the country of Aruba. Congratulations to the Matos and Ras families for their two dedicated colleagues over four decades in the country of Aruba, each of whom certainly has a beautiful story and a wealth of knowledge that we can learn from them.

Eric Alvin Conrad Ras Polis Klas 1983 1984Cuater Decada Sirbiendo Pais Aruba

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