Interview with Drs. Yuri Casseres on the topic of COVID: COVID is no longer a pandemic but is still an active virus in Aruba

Drs. Yuri Casseres Riba

The topic of COVID is still a hot topic. After the pandemic, everything seemed to be returning to normal but this did not take away the fact that there were  still cases of COVID, although the registry is not large, Dr. Casseres explains.

Currently there are still cases of COVID in Aruba, although the registry is not large, it is always good to take care and get the necessary tests, because COVID can cause a person to have problems with hypercoagulation and cause a thrombosis. There have been reports of recent deaths from thrombosis, but Dr. Casseres notes that when this happens, all necessary tests are done to determine if it is related to the virus.

Although it is not currently a pandemic, COVID is still a virus and when a person presents with symptoms of influenza, they are tested to detect any of the viruses that may be circulating and to see which viruses the patient has, to be treated.

The people most vulnerable to the COVID virus are patients with pre-existing medical conditions, such as overweight, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney problems, or if you are taking medications that lower your defense, these are the patients who can get any type of virus.

There are viruses and bacteria that can cause the death of a person.

It is true that there are several viruses and bacteria that can actually cause such a severe infection in the system that even a young or healthy person can die from it. If at the wrong time the person gets a virus and it is not detected which virus or bacteria he has, no matter how much the doctor wants to do the person may die from it.

Currently, no new bacteria or viruses have been identified according to Dr. Casseres.

What’s interesting is that if it’s true that we know that bacteria and viruses are getting smarter and more resistant to some antibiotics, it’s because of the widespread use of antibiotics, and so they can see that there are more bacteria that are more resistant to the usual antibiotics that are given. Then the process that the patient goes through has to change, where they have to give an antibiotic that is more complicated or more unusual to treat the patient.

During the pandemic, the COVID situation is managed internationally and nationally, however this is no longer managed internationally, it is managed locally. International efforts are being made to address this, but local authorities are also addressing COVID patients themselves.

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