No dictatorship but fair pay to the Netherlands is in place for Aruba

No Dictadura Pero Pago Husto Na Hulanda Ta Na Su Luga Pa Aruba

The Kingdom of the Netherlands and the islands of the Caribbean have just been released from the chains of abusive abolitionist slavery imposed by the Netherlands for decades, today seeing this impotence in renewed force. What has really changed? If you look at what the Netherlands wants to achieve with the RAFT there is no other word than the Netherlands want to put a chain and hang Aruba with it.

The debtor does not refuse to pay, but he must pay fairly and justly. Aruba didn’t ask for the 916 million dollars to be requested, but it just came out of nowhere due to the pandemic where Aruba was forced to rely on it to help where the government could have invested the 916 million in the hotels to keep them open, to make it easier for those who lost their jobs, to subsidise Fase, to pay civil servants.

According to parliament Edgar Vrolijk the 916 million was never used for any other means than to help the people. Aruba had asked for a low interest rate, but now suddenly since the government fell there have been rumors that the Netherlands is offering 3.5%, although it has not received this officially, but opponents in parliament are rumoring it, without the Netherlands itself bringing it to the table. According to rumors, if Aruba accepts the RAFT, the Netherlands is willing to give 3.5% and if not, the RAFT talks about an interest of 8% where besides giving the interest the Netherlands will also pay Aruba.

If this happens, Aruba will receive more interest to pay the 916 million back that can be found on the labor market, which is in the mortgage market that is growing at 6% to 7%.
The Dutch talk a lot about what is good for Aruba and help Aruba, but at the same time they want to put pressure and punish Aruba too. Parliament Edgar Vrolijk disagrees with this, as they are themselves points of discussion.

To hear Parliament Miguel Mansur say that if Aruba takes the RAFT it will save 30 to 40 million florins, that is the biggest lie there is, according to Parliament Speaker Edgar Vrolijk. Parliament Mansur heard something in the way and gathered that Parliament Marisol Tromp was sneaky and wanted to play populist.

The speaker of parliament believes that opposition politicians should stop manipulating people and stop giving false information. The RAFT clearly states that any money that is borrowed and receives a lower interest rate than the money it pays to repay debts, or else it is written in the RAFT that the money is given for investment. This is one of the points that is also discussed in parliament, everything, so if Aruba gets a low interest rate and Aruba is left with more than it has to pay the amount it will have to give in investment to the country, what is fair in this case is 50% for investment and 50% to pay the debt. These are the points of contention with the Netherlands.

According to the president of the Parliament Edgar Vrolijk is not in favor of a rijkswet, but in the interests of the people the conditions should be well set in each other so that they can sit and talk, but in the way that it is at the moment Aruba is serving itself, as well as the LEFT and for Aruba there is no one way black on white that will have a lower interest.

Currently the LAFT has all the same standards, these are the points of discussion with the Netherlands, how it got in because there was no consensus rijkswet and they think it should be withdrawn and come up with a new rijkswet where Aruba is really well served where Aruba’s points are addressed.

The points to keep in mind are the lower interest rate, the proposed 50% debt repayment and 50% investment for Aruba itself and the Gate-away from the RAFT where there is even the possibility that if the international interest rates drop in the future Aruba can borrow from the US as it already has been doing for 36 years so that Aruba can pay the full debt to the Netherlands and get out of the rijkswet and also be clear with the Netherlands in this part.

According to parliament Edgar Vrolijk these are issues that Aruba is discussing with the Netherlands. It is regrettable that political opponents who do not contribute to the well-being of Aruba should be excluded from these conversations because they take a position of willingness to destroy the land. Also politicians like Marisol Tromp, Mervin Wyatt Ras who have damaged the country of Aruba greatly who have approved voting their entire government with the wrong budget, they as politicians supported their leader who ruled this piece of rock called Aruba and put Aruba in chaos and today they are standing by the Netherlands instead of standing by Aruba and are standing by the Netherlands and allowing the Netherlands to abuse the people of Aruba without any benefit to Aruba.

This is a pity where politicians do not speak the truth and are populists trying to get to power where they sell Aruba for cheap, being able to negotiate to meet the points with the Netherlands better for the benefit of Aruba.
It’s not about pride whether it’s RAFT or LAFT but parliament should stay with certain authorities, but should seek a fair deal.

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