Results of the MCB CSB championship 8 and 9 September 2023

Results Of The Mcb Csb Championship 8 And 9 September 2023 2 1

In a game that was tight in the 4th inning, with the game tied at 2, the opener for Santa Rosa momentarily loses control and fills the base, Pichingolo immediately tries to score 2 runs for the advantage that they don’t lose any more and win 4 to 3.

Pichingolo AA: 4 runs, 7 hits, 2 errors, The winning pitcher: Julise Koffy, Best batter: Solivieny Scharbaai 2-2, Sta Rosa AA: 3 cared, 4 hit, 0 errors, Worst player: Magenta Bernadina, Best player: Angelique Antonio 3-2.

Fenix put the game on ice when Almarisca Hooi Paula connected on a 2-yard touchdown run, to help guide Fenix to an 8-2 victory over The Fighting Team. Fenix AA: 8 runs 4 hits, 2 errors, The winning pitcher: Yetsely Helmijr, Best batter: Elianne Kock and Genesis Rijnschot 2-1, The Fighting Team: 2 carries, 9 hits, 6 errors, Worst player: Sirlys Escobar Ortiz, Best batswoman: Sirlys Escobar Ortiz and Yuliz Salgado Baron 3-2.

In Class A Guida Mercelina caps the offense with 2 hits to back up Jaqueline Sophia’s unassisted pitch for the Trotters to win over Souax 4 to 0. Rising Trotters: 4 carries, 6 hits, 2 errors, The winning pitcher: Jaqueline Sophia, Best batter: Gisaida Mercelina 2-2, Souax A: 0 cared, 6 hit, 1 wrong Worst pitcher: Thalesha Siliee Alberto, Best batter: Mysheny Lau-A-Kien 2-2.

With Liberty seriously threatening to extend the score, Taynise Prince Jacobus enters the relay and closes the door and does not allow any more carries, giving Pichingolo the chance to recover to finally win 6-2. Pichingolo A: 6 runs, 7 hits, 3 errors, Winning pitcher: Taynise Prince Jacobus, Best batswoman: Solivieny Scharbaai and Kishayna Muller with a score of 3-2, Liberty: 2 carries, 4 hits, 1 error, Worst pitcher: Dianara Pieternella, Best batswoman: Dianara Pieternella and Thalissa Lourens by a score of 2-1.

The championship continues on Thursday, September 14 at Sam Bunting Ballpark: 7:30pm Liberty A v/s Souax SBT Gil’s Sport A and at 9:30pm Rising Trotters A v/s Pichingolo Nissan A.

Results Of The Mcb Csb Championship 8 And 9 September 2023 1

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