SV Bubali will turn 80 and Aruba can celebrate together with them

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SV Bubali called a press conference in which they announced the club’s 80th anniversary celebration. The President of the SV Bubali Bryan Figaroa informs that the SVBubali. was founded in 1943 on September 23 and this year marks the 80th anniversary of its existence. For this reason they did not want to let this year pass quietly and came together to prepare a celebration of the birth of SV. Bubali.

The first event will be held on the Freewinds on August 26th. Tickets are already out and those who know someone on the board can approach them to buy a ticket for only 25 florins. The party on freewinds is a back to the 80’s party where everyone can celebrate together with all those who are part of SV Bubali. Also on September 23 there will be a mass to remember all those who are no longer with SV Bubali, but also to thank the organization that has achieved 80 years of SV Bubali, in this case all those who were with SV Bubali who worked day in and day out tirelessly so that the club can celebrate 80 years today.

Today we have a new team working, but in the past many people worked and contributed so that today SV Bubali can celebrate 80 years of existence. It also thanks all the sponsors who in the 80-year history have trusted in SV Bubali and who in one way or another have helped and made possible many projects for the club and the generations of the sport of football.

SV Bubali works hard with children and believes in their ability to progress in the sport. However, you have to keep working and believing in the kids, and not just believing in the football part, but also the study that sport brings together. SV Bubali believes in creating leaders and people who in a few years can be seen in the community making a difference and doing good for Aruba.

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