The Dutch Caribbean Police Force has 24 new aspirant officers

Cuerpo Policial Hulanda Caribense Tin 24 Aspirando Nobo

Monday, the 11th of September 2023 marked the official kick-off of the two-year police training program for the Dutch Caribbean. During the opening ceremony, the 24 new aspiring officers were welcomed by the Chief of Police, Mr. Alwyn Braaf. Afterwards, the students received an introduction of what awaits them for the next two years in the presence of the Force Management Team (KMT), the team chief Caribbean of the Police Academy, Mr. Rob Appelhof, the education coordinator of the KPCN, Mr. Lionel Vrutaal and the practice mentors who will guide and support the students for the police training.

To conclude the official part, the students were sworn in and preparations for their hazing began immediately. Under the responsibility of the Police Academy, the students will gain knowledge in various modules on conducting surveillance, investigating crimes and providing emergency assistance. The 24 new aspiring officers will follow this training entirely on Bonaire. After two years, all aspiring officers will be in possession of a police diploma at MBO-4 level, whereby they will be fully deployable on Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba.

Cuerpo Policial Hulanda Caribense Tin 24 Aspirando Nobo.2Cuerpo Policial Hulanda Caribense Tin 24 Aspirando Nobo.3

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