We need to start working now to prevent teenage pregnancy (baby carnival)

Nos Mester Cuminsa Traha Awo Pa Preveni Embaraso Hubenil Baby Carnaval

We can say that Aruba is almost fully back to normal, all children are back to school and most companies have started operating in all their normal. The year that lies ahead of us speaks of a year of celebration in which Aruba’s carnival will celebrate its 70th anniversary.

This is a time to celebrate but as always all sweet things come with their consequences. Although youth is a point of concern for various authorities, especially the yellow cross in a carousel system has visited various schools in Aruba where children, especially those who are leaving the 6th grade to start kindergarten, receive information on how to take care of themselves and how to prevent pregnancy.

However, not only pregnancy but also infectious diseases play a role in this process. The yellow cross has participated in the carousel system in the past and sees the impact it has. In the period when children reach puberty, sexual intercourse is not illegal.

Already some schools have begun to approach different instances where they hold different lectures throughout the year in different schools. This is where the contact with the children begins and the children themselves ask them different questions.

Many are the questions and most talk about the contraceptive and how it is used, the children get explanations about it through the carousel system, but at the same time the young people go over to the family plane where they will find a more specific explanation of what their questions are.

At the age of 15 and 16, they also have uncertain questions about what decisions they will make when boys approach them and basically tell them that they like them and that they want to be with them. Here the young men encounter various types of questions that they must answer to the boy they come with. Also in the carousel system various cases are brought forward and examples are given of how they can get out of the situation without any problems.

It also refers to the norms and values that they learn at home and to implement them in their daily lives, because that is the education they receive from home. The home education component plays a very large role in decisions that a child may make when walking alone or with friends.

Every child is different and every case is unique, every household has its own set of rules and values and this is a way to see how the child is implementing these on his or her own when he or she is away from home. It’s important for parents to be able to talk to their children, to get information together with them so that they know when their bodies are changing and their brains are changing and so their friends become the influence at that time.

However, if each parent has trained their children this part should not be a concern because everything depends on how they have instilled the norms and values in their children. All parents are important and therefore it is very good for parents to also continue to seek information especially in today’s highly developed world. The best advice is to have confidence in your child so that you can help and guide the young person in the best way for his future. Carnival is coming and we all have to contribute to prevent our young people from getting pregnant at a young age where they will jeopardize their future and their studies.


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