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Anuncio di Morto : A fayece Ronin eugene nolan kaersenhout

It is with immense sadness in our hearts that we say goodbye to our beautiful baby boy.

Your time on this earth was short, but so powerful.

Some people only dream of angels, we held one in our arms.

You were wanted and loved before you were born, and you will be forevermore.

Thank you for choosing us as your family.

See you soon, our little warrior.

Ronin eugene nolan kaersenhout

29-09-2020 – 25-05-2021


Mommy and daddy:          Gaby de Mey and Jermean Kaersenhout


Sister:                                     Amelia


Cousin:                                  Joviënne


Grandparents:                     Nadja and Silvio de Mey

Jeanna and Mario (Chinto) Kaersenhout


Great grandparents:          Carla and Ron Speyer

Maria and †Segundino de Mey

Marina and †Fernando Kock

Filomena and George Kaersenhout


Aunts and uncles:                Nicky and Derron de Mey

Jeanella and Joshua


Great aunts/uncles:             Danielle and Rossy and family

Amy, Iomar and Ainsley

Tico, Aida and family

Lisette, Jos and family

Yvonne and family

Marlyn, Rafael and family

Marjorie, Simon and family

Hans, Reina and family

Jeanette and family

Jacky, Orlando and family

Erwin, Xiomara and family

Glenn, Jael and family


Y demas famianan: de Mey, Kaersenhout, Speijer, Kock, Croes, Ras, van Bergenhenegouwen, Kelly, van Eenennaam, Geerman, Christiaans, Koolman, Dirks, Boekhoudt, Dijkhoff,

Rozijn, v/d Bovenkamp, Lammers, Langeveld, Auf dem Brinke, Kock, Dirksz, Garrido, Tromp, Maduro, Pastor, Palm, Donker, Lopez


Nos ta pidi disculpa si den nos tristesa nos por a lubida di menciona algun familiar.


Ta invita pa e acto di despedida cu lo tuma lugar diamars 8 di juni 2021 di 9’or pa 11’or di mainta na Aurora Funeral Home, despues saliendo pa Santana centraal na Sabana Basora.


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