There was a good meeting with representatives of the Dutch VWS ministry

Pap Tabata Tin Un Bon Encuentro Cu Representantenan Di Ministerio Vws Di Hulanda.3

Minister of Tourism and Public Health Dangui Oduber received a visit from Mr. Herbert Barnard and Mr. Vincent Storimans representing VNO in the administrative office. Mr. Barnard is the director of the Dutch Caribbean Care & Youth (Zorg & Jeugd) programme in the Ministry of Public Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) in the Netherlands and so on. Voncent Storimans is the representative of VNO in Aruba. This visit is an important one to continue the long-standing cooperation between the two ministries.

The Ministry of VWS and the Ministry of Tourism and Public Health have long had a constructive cooperation relationship at the governmental level, which is directed towards the field of International Health Regulation. During the pandemic season the cooperation between the Ministries increased, as the participation of the consultants on different terrains and topics at both national and regional levels took place. The good communication that was established and also the collegial sphere that existed during this period contributed to an effective and successful cooperation. The Ministry of Tourism and Public Health certainly appreciates this cooperation and will continue to support the Ministry of HWS.

Within the framework of this cooperation, regular consultations will be held at official and governmental levels between the 4 countries in the Kingdom. In the last four nation consultations 9 key topics of cooperation were identified. In which Aruba leads 3 which are pandemic preparedness, prevention in health, quality care structure and accreditation for healthcare professionals and institutions. Additionally Curacao is leading the new topic which examines the effect that the past of slavery has on various health problems associated with lifestyle.

During the meeting with Mr. Barnard, Minister Oduber and advisors discussed in detail the best way Aruba should design and implement health projects, such as the specialization of a general practitioner in Aruba, prevention, and strengthening the first line of care. A commendation was given for the various developments that Aruba has recently experienced in medical care. Special praise was given to the Georgian Accord signed in July 2023 by the various actors involved. This will serve as a base from which to focus on improvement, planning of the organization and development of the care sector. This is all part of a multi-year financial plan. Better planning leads to more sustainable quality care with a focus on the patient and their care. A great example of this is the project that will continue to develop the Aruba Health App, as well as projects in the field of prevention and multidisciplinary care for patients suffering from diabetes.

The highlight of this visit was the ongoing commitment and cooperation between the Ministry of VWS and the Ministry of Tourism and Public Health which focuses on safeguarding the well-being and health of the inhabitants of the entire Dutch Caribbean. Minister Oduber concluded by saying that together we will continue to work to improve the quality of care and address critical healthcare issues in our region.

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