Aruba, healthcare institutions and healthcare providers sign historic agreement on sustainable healthcare

Land Aruba Zorginstellinge

Historical care agreement
The Minister of Tourism and Health, Mr. D. Oduber, did you get together today In addition, the European Commission has signed a historic Care Agreement with healthcare institutions and providers to improve the quality of care. to further improve healthcare in Aruba and to maintain it in the longer term. The agreement stresses the need to ensure the quality and sustainability of care and includes measures to strengthen the structure of care. The Parties are determined to intensify their cooperation in the interests of the population of the Land of Aruba.

Good and affordable offer, need to solve bottlenecks
The Care Agreement was concluded after intensive discussions between the parties concerned. and parties with the help of Professor Dr. Patrick Jeurissen, health economist at the Radboud UMC in the Netherlands. Comparisons show that Aruba has both inhabitants and It is also important to ensure that tourists can enjoy a comprehensive package of services at a reasonable cost. At the same time, however, a number of measures need to be taken to address existing bottlenecks and to maintain quality and affordable care for the future.

In the Care Agreement, all the parties have committed themselves to a number of principles:

The Commission will be responsible for the implementation of this Regulation. They The Commission has identified a number of priorities, such as strengthening the first line, The Commission is proposing to increase the number of healthcare centres in the Member States. the treatment of lifestyle-related disorders. These priorities will take the form of: This is a very important issue.

To monitor implementation and progress, a professional will be project organization are being put together. The Parties to this Care Agreement shall share The Parties shall cooperate in the implementation of this Agreement.

The Care Pact is a dynamic document that can be expanded in the future to include more parties and to identify and address more issues in care.

The Care Agreement was signed by the Minister of Tourism and Health of the Republic of Aruba, the General Health Insurance (UO) In addition, the Commission has already adopted a proposal for a directive on the protection of workers from the risks related to exposure to ionising radiation. (ImSan), the Association of General Practitioners of Aruba (HAVA), the Aruban Specialists The European Parliament and the Council have adopted a number of resolutions on this subject. Fundacion Salud Mental Aruba Respaldo and the Directorate of Public Health for the Quality Institute and the Healthy Lifestyle Center.

Minister Oduber: I endorse the objectives of the agreement, especially the principle of the The patient-centredness of care. I am pleased that carefield is united in its intensive cooperation to further improve the quality of healthcare for the people of Aruba and to keep it accessible and affordable in the future. Keep it.

This Care Agreement puts Aruba, healthcare organizations and healthcare providers in a position to This is an important step in further improving care and ensuring a high level of quality of life. sustainable health for all inhabitants of Aruba.

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