Gerlien Croes flip-flop information in bursts to confuse the people again

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I noticed Mrs.Gerlien Croes, former AVP MP as always speaks half the truth to confuse the people about the reality of the raft issue. The mite truth is a complete lie and it is good for the people to understand the full panaroma before coming to a conclusion inspired by Gerlien’s desperate political ambitions. 


The Netherlands takes advantage of the pandemics to put knives down the throats of a hungry people Ms. Croes wants to bagatalize the fact that a raft has already been signed. It is important to remember how the Netherlands, which full of hypocrisy today shouts “Doe het voor de Kinderen” put knives to the people’s throats during the pandemic; “sign or stay without finding the bread that your “kinderen” needs to eat and survive the pandemic!”Slavernij verleden? Guilds and others were desperately screaming for the Minister President Evelyn Wever-Croes signed to finish in 2020! The Minister President led Aruba memey from a devastating global pandemic with success, vision and determination. That’s why the people came out en masse voted PE also in 2021. Gerlien, you tey?

The Government was instructed by Parliament to negotiate the best “deal Recently the Minister President and the Minister of Finance came to Parliament to explain where the negotiations with the Netherlands are currently. In the end Parliament voted 17-5 in favour of the government continuing to negotiate with the Netherlands for a “better deal.”It is obvious that Gerlien does not want to understand that 2-3 years ago our people became unemployed and others were dying in our hospital while the Netherlands forced us to cut public health funds! Today was an opportunity to fight together for the future of Aruba. Aruba needs all of us to fight for our government to reach the best “deal” with the Netherlands. In the new law we want to continue strengthening and make sure that there will be a continuation of financial supervision, realistic rules on how to ensure the responsible management of our public finances. But Hamas Gerlien, we can continue to negotiate with a knife to the throat. Maybe that’s normal for you, but not for the people! 

Mrs. Constant flip-flop. Croes makes his credibility marginal

Gerlien’s story of lies and flip-flop; In 2022 with AVP as usual he shouted that the 2023 budget was fictitious. Gerlien went 6 days without showing up to work at public budget 2023 meetings. CAft in its two tips on Friday UR 2022 and of tips on budget and voorjaarsnote 2023 was one that praised the government for complying with the coffee rules, reduced expenses everywhere, praised that tourism broke records and the economy prospered, and additionally the report says that the government will achieve by 2027 that our debt/GDP will reach 70%. Where did your credibility go, Gerlien?

Gerlien shouted that it was necessary to seek coffee advice for changes in the 2023 budget, which the CAft presentation itself publicly rejected and thus end Gerlien’s credibility!  Gerlien “flipped” against the burst in the AVP, but now without explaining “flop” pro burst. Gerlien, are you meat or fish? Gerlien shopped “flip” against BTW when he was in AVP. A few weeks ago Gerlien comes out “flop” which is “pro” btw.  Gerlien was in the AVP and also participated in the verslag where each party expressed its “zienswijze” on the raft. Who can understand Gerlien? Gerlien shouted that he would express his opinion on corruption cases and convictions of former ministers in the AVP. But we have already seen Gerlien to “flip-flop” and still be muisstil.

Gerlien’s love for politics is greater than his love for the people his development Ms. Croes, you don’t need to be a government supporter to occasionally give a eulogy. It is more than obvious that there are very positive developments in our country but clearly politicking is more important to you than the reports of national and international entities that praise the good management of the Government. It is notorious that at all times Gerlien Croes goes out to trifle with the good structural management of the government. Ms. Croes goes out flip against budget surpluses of 1% 2023 and 2024, against Barça surpluses, when the Government keeps to the rules of CAft and awo also against on-time deliveries of the 2023 and 2024 budgets. The CAft reports check it and put Gerlien flip and slippers. 

Our economy is recovering

Our economy is currently recovering from the two most catastrophic moments in the history of the Huelva country: the Covid-19 pandemic and Hurricane Mike Eman. Gerlien declares that the people cannot enjoy the progress that the government is talking about. Notably, Gerlien talks about the consequences of the pandemic and Hurricane Mike Eman, for which he beat his hand himself for many years. Thank God for the strong leadership in the government, it began to be paid in the megadebe with the surplus of 2023. It is expected to reach in 2027 up to 70% of our GDP indebted with the new trend of paying with our surplus annually. Paying off and reducing our national debt will free up millions in our country’s budget, which can then be invested in our economy again.

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