Marisol Lopez-Tromp mother of Laft and Caft now flip-flops on Raft

Eng Marisol Lopez Tromp Mother Of Laft And Caft Now Flip Flops On Raft

Recently in May 2023, on pages 19 to 21 in the Report proposal of the Kingdom Law rules for the Financial Supervision in Aruba, “Marisol Trromp (MAS) expressed in the questions to the Netherlands that she disagrees with several points of the Raft, and if these are not answered or considered, then the Raft in its original form is not favorable but dangerous for our country.

MAS has even expressed in its view that it wants to introduce an amendment to the Raft Act. MAS even mentioned that if the Raft comes with certain budgetary standards for the country Aruba that are not realistic, Aruba’s economy will not be able to grow and will be damaged by the Raft law. Additionally MAS stated that the Raft would obstruct international investments from taking place. (Pages 15-16 of the State Report by Tweede Kamer May 2022)

Marisol pro-Raft even though her questions and amendments were ignored by the Netherlands

Although the MAS faction did not get its questions answered by the Netherlands, it did not manage to amending the Raft Act, suddenly flip-flopping and saying they want the Raft as it is, with all the consequences for the country of Aruba. If the Netherlands has not responded to MAS’s concerns, is it not logical for MAS to go against RAft? However, for a long time MAS has insisted  that want RAft, RAft should come, in press conferences, Parliament and debate. Suddenly, due to the pressure of Diamars’s debate on their traitorous and betraying stance, Mr. Gunn doubled down and insisted that MAS wanted to see a small change in the RAft Act. However, MAS could not mention which of these changes specifically. That is, despite all that Marisol mentioned is wrong in the Raft as it is now for the country of Aruba but they want this to continue at all costs!

Marisol Mother of LAft and CAft

The saddest thing is that Marisol keeps telling people that financial supervision has to come and that it is Therefore, he insisted in 2015 that it must be implemented. First of all, there is already a financial supervision in the form of CAft and LAft! Second, this is the biggest lie in political history. History makes it clear that Marisol supported AVP as President of Parliament from 2013-2016, shouting in favor of our country’s historic deficits. LAFT did not come by invitation but as an intervention on the part of the Netherlands because of the catastrophic policy of the Eman-I-II Cabinet and Marisol shouting for them in Parliament. It was because Marisol did NOT do her job as a representative of the people, that the Netherlands invaded Aruba with LAft, CAft and a KB. So the mother of LAft and CAft Marisol Lopez-Tromp gave light for financial supervision because clearly Aruba’s Parliament over the years has shown that it cannot do its job and has betrayed the people of Aruba.

Marisol Mother of LAft and CAft PRO catastrophic leadership of the Eman Cabinet

(1)- Marisol Lopez-Tromp as a parliamentarian and president of the Parliament of AVP supported all the disastrous deficits of the Eman I-II cabinet. 2010: -188.6 million florins, 2011: -325.2 million, 2012: -443.3 million florins, 2013: -332.8 million florins, 2014: -405.8 million florins, 2015: -184.6 million florin, 2016: -177.30 million florin, 2017: -137.3 million florin…and so has Aruba reached 86.2% of its GDP in debt (ARA, CAFT, IMF) without counting PPP in for more than a billion florin without giving reason for this sum according to the General Accounting Chamber of Aruba. There was no control of the Parliament headed by the mother of the LAFT Marisol Tromp and her Reports have come out devastatingly for LAft’s father and CAft Mike Eman.

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