Minister Xiomara Maduro: Aruba lived his culture full of atmosphere with a beautiful cultural parade of Brazil Day 2023

2023 Parada Cultural 01

Last Sunday, the Chico Harms Foundation and the committee once again organized the cultural parade in connection with Brazil Day. Minister Xiomara Maduro was present to support the beautiful cultural parade that is growing every year.

A beautiful and well-organized parade, featuring dance and folklore groups, cultural and musical events that we want to bring to the streets of Brazil so that everyone can live and enjoy our culture. Special thanks to the schools of Brazil accompanied by Myron Disco, Brazil in the kitchen, the Rosea Cultural Foundation, Tanchi Netty accompanied by Luis Maduro and Zonido de Antaño Group, the Bernadina Growell Foundation accompanied by Frans Disco, the Pilar Cultural Flotilla, Matilda Paskel accompanied by Caha de Orgel Melodia de Antaño, Noord bin fiesta accompanied by Alvin Disco, the Pro Cultura Foundation Flotilla, Candy Dancers, Sonrisa, Trampolin accompanied by disco, Gucci Dancers accompanied by Rincon Boys, Alegria de Nos Culura accompanied by Alma Folklorico, Grupo Antaño accompanied by Un Brindis, A Sembralegria de Corsou accompanied by Patrick Sabrina and Brisana’s Fiesta accompanied by Tropical Dancing. The organization and the community have all cooperated to make Brazil Day a success and expand the coverage once again. We also thank everyone for their support, support and enjoyment of the Brazil 2023 Cultural Day Parade. Greetings.

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