A large group of police officers achieve a new chapter in their police career

Un Grupo Grandi Ta Logra Un Capitulo Nobo Den Nan Carera Policial.7

A total of 62 police officers received their diplomas. In a room completely packed with family and colleagues came together for the awarding of diplomas to 62 police officers. A large group of police officers from different classes received their diplomas in the presence of the Minister of Education and Sports Mr. Endy Croes, High Commissioner of Police Ramon Arnhem and Chief of Police Institute E.J. Watty Vos.

The police officers who received their diplomas were part of different classes and functions such as: the issuance of the Basic Police Diploma, the completion of the MBO level four police studies and the completion of the Hoger Kader Opleiding (HKO) police studies.

The first class to receive their basic police diploma are students of the year 2021. They are students who are still in the process of their police studies, have now completed their first two years and still have two more years to continue their studies.

Students of the class of 2019 successfully completed their MBO level four police studies. Aruba has young, dynamic police officers ready to rise to the top and serve the country with dignity.

Also the last group of police officers to receive their diplomas is the class that completed police studies of Hoger Kader Opleiding. This means that the Political Body of Aruba has created new leaders to continue to lead the corps for the next generation. These are the policemen who will carry the future of our corps by guiding the youth of our corps but also by raising the quality of KPA.

For the high commissioner of police drs. Ramon Arnhem looks back with pride at three different graduating classes. Three different classes with young professionals ready to make a change for the organization. Every moment is special but this is the moment when the family witnessed a new chapter of their loved ones, whereby a police officer never stops studying but continues to expand their knowledge in order to provide a better service to our community. So that in the future, we can see the seeds we planted grow and harvest for the next generation.

Welcome to all 62 officers who received their diplomas and are ready for a new stage in their police careers. We would also like to congratulate each of the families of the officers for their support to each police officer. The work they do is not easy without the strong support of their families. Good luck and continue to work for the betterment of the country.

Un Grupo Grandi Ta Logra Un Capitulo Nobo Den Nan Carera Policial

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