A.T.A. proud to support Aruba Art Fair for its 6th Edition

Pap A.t.a. Orguyoso Di Por A Sostene Aruba Art Fair Pa Su Di 6 Edicion 2 1

Aruba Tourism Authority (A.T.A.) looks back on a great weekend for art, creativity and culture in Aruba. For three long days, San Nicolas became the central point for all the art lovers in Aruba who came together to celebrate the 6th edition of Aruba Art Fair.

This year again the Aruba Art Fair presented impressive works of art on the walls in the streets of San Nicolas. The works of mural art were realized by renowned artists from various parts of the world and from Aruba as well. Among others, it featured the participation of artists such as Adry del Rocio from Mexico, Chemis from the Czech Republic, Fio Silva from Argentina, Mr Dheo and Odeith from Portugal, Faunagraphic from England and Bubblegum from Spain. Local artists who also had the opportunity to showcase their talents included Elisa Lejuez Peters, Elvis Tromp, Omaira Silva, Paul Wong and Robert Solognier, and all the other artists involved who in one way or another presented their art and talents that helped elevate the event.

A.T.A. can look back on an important partnership with Aruba Art Fair. The promotion of arts and culture is very important to A.T.A. and Aruba Art Fair is one of the events that provides the perfect opportunity to achieve this. It all started in 2017 in a small, organic way. Little by little the event grew and transformed San Nicolas into the Caribbean’s Art Capital – a major attraction for both locals and visitors.

The impact of an event such as the Aruba Art Fair extends beyond just a weekend of activity, as the walls remain visible and accessible throughout the year. Each person who visits this area can experience a memorable cultural experience. In addition, each person who takes a photo and shares it on social media helps inspire others to visit our island and particularly the San Nicolas area, thus promoting our island as a destination that has an appreciation for art and culture.

A.T.A. congratulates the organizers and thanks all the artists, volunteers, and visitors who were part of the 6th edition of Aruba Art Fair. A.T.A. is committed to continuing to support initiatives that give meaning to the artistic and cultural development of our island.

Pap A.t.a. Orguyoso Di Por A Sostene Aruba Art Fair Pa Su Di 6 Edicion 4 1 ScaledPap A.t.a. Orguyoso Di Por A Sostene Aruba Art Fair Pa Su Di 6 Edicion 3 1 ScaledPap A.t.a. Orguyoso Di Por A Sostene Aruba Art Fair Pa Su Di 6 Edicion 1 1 Scaled

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