Edgard Vrolijk re-elected as speaker of the parliament

Edgard Vrolijk Re Elected As Speaker Of Parliament

The leader of the MEP, Evelyn Wever-Croes, on behalf of the MEP Party, congratulates Parliamentarian Edgard Vrolijk who has been re-elected as President of the Parliament for the 2023-2024 parliamentary year, thus entering his third year in this function.

“We met Edgard Vrolijk as a candidate on the list of MEPs and later became a parliamentarian of the MEPs’ faction and today, as the leader of the MEPs, with a feeling of great honor and pride, I share with the MEPs’ party, supporters of our party and Aruba in general, that Mr. Vrolijk has been elected once again to this important position”, the MEPs’ leader said.

Edgard Vrolijk is a person who devotes a lot of time to his family, to his neighborhood, to his sport, and as President of the Parliament. From Mr Edgard, as everyone knows, entered Parliament and put order and discipline and is raising Parliament to the level that the people of Aruba wish to see this Parliament.

A person who can dialogue with all sides, both those in favor of the government and those in opposition. But he is also a man who knows where he stands with a sense of urgency to put things in order where they are needed.

The MEPs are pleased that Mr Vrolijk has been re-elected as President of the Parliament and we are confident that he will do a great job this Parliamentary year as well. A year, very special because it is the year in which we will work more on the independence of the Parliament, the Leader of the MEPs emphasised.

MEP leaders indicated that with independence, the Parliament’s body would be less dependent on the Government for staffing and the budget of the Parliament itself, among other things. This is a big job that the President of the Parliament is working on and I’m sure we’ll see a lot of changes as this goes on. Mr Vrolijk is also working on the Ombudsman issue. The vacancy has already been advertised for an Ombudsman for Aruba. He also put a lot of time and energy into it.

“Edgard, greetings, on behalf of the People’s Electoral Movement Party, the whole family of MEPs. We wish you much wisdom and success in the year ahead”, the MEP leader said.

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