Arrived from Colombia: Public art “driekiel” by artist Gilbert Senchi

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Today is a very special day in Aruba, from Bogota, Colombia the public art created by the artist Gilbert Senchi has been preserved and is in Aruba. As mentioned, Gilbert Senchi received an assignment from the Government of Aruba together with the commercial sector to build a large “driekiel” Leatherback turtle to be placed on a roundabout in Eagle Beach. In addition to the “driekiel”, he also made a bust in memory of the police officer who died in the line of duty, Tino Ruiz, which has already been inaugurated.

Today the art has arrived in Aruba with the help of instances coming out of the dock with Fast Felivery Services the company trained in Aruba that can bring and handle such large works in Aruba (Oversize Cargo). Today with the dedication of the professionals of Fast Felivery Services the “driekiel” was transported to the roundabout near Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort Aruba where it will be a beautiful tourist attraction.

The art will be on the roundabout where everyone can walk and admired, but everyone can stop for a moment and know and be reminded of the importance of nature for each of us as human beings to care for it. Also for the tourist who visits our island to admire the art, but at the same time to know that Aruba gives importance to protect our nature.
Aruba choose this artwork because it has its history, “driekiel” chose Aruba thousands of years ago to come and lay his egg in Aruba. This means a lot to Aruba and Mother Nature. Today, Aruba honors the legacy of the “driekiel” and the hope that they have for thousands of years to lay their nets and have their children born here on Aruba. More than anything, it also raises awareness for us to continue to protect these animals.

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