Aruba has a lot of talent but it’s important to work on professionals in the production world

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The National Archaeological Museum hosted the final presentation of a wonderful Workshop given by Producer Rebecca Roos. An evening well attended by those interested in making their own stories or documentaries. The participants were of mixed ages, with the youngest being 19 and the oldest 77. Rebecca Roos is extremely pleased with all those who participated, although it was a very diverse group the workshop was a success.

Rebecca Roos herself gives several courses abroad and the courses are very intensive where several people come from various other countries at the Film School of Cuba where Rebecca Roos currently teaches. The course in Cuba Rebecca tried to bring this formula to Aruba and where the course was so intensive that one participant even called the course a boothcamp, according to Rebecca Roos.

However, the course went well where everyone left off and in the first part they encountered history, theory and different styles and learned how to draw and research a project.

On the weekend, each of us had to draw up a project and vote on what we would like to see, and what we would like to do. The three winners were chosen and thus formed the teams and worked together on the project. In the second week they all had to finish their research, prepare their footage and then shoot for the final edit. By the time this process is complete the product can be presented as far as they have come.

It focused a lot on those who focus and are interested in documentary. There are people who already know how to move around with a camera and who can edit, but there is also a group who knew nothing and who have never done anything with film, and most of them are the only ones who could film with their phones. However, Rebecca Roos points out that this part is also important in terms of where they can get the tools to work with their phones and how they can film with their phones. There are various tools on the phone that you can use and make documentaries with these where no one even knows who used a phone to make these documentaries, but it’s important that you know what the tools are.

In this course everyone had an important role during the production. Rebecca Roos says that she can take notes every day and every day she meets people with a lot of talent in Aruba, but what Rebecca Roos herself is trying to do is, to take a step by doing these courses for the person who likes this branch to become professional, because if you need to be talented that is not enough. Being talented helps a lot but if you are not professional it will not help a person to develop himself in this world. If you add the professional attitude and the disciplined attitude then the person can go far. When a person is discovered to have talent, he is praised for the work, but he is not forced to study in the field to become a professional in the field that he loves and that is regrettable.

However, congratulations to all those who have taken their course and are now one step further to know if this is what they love and are interested in.

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