Aruban Historical Museum, Community Museum, Museum of Industry and Carnival Euphoria are supported by A.T.A.

Ceo Di Arubatourism Authority A.t.a Ronella Croes

CEO of ArubaTourism Authority A.T.A Ronella Croes is extremely proud that A.T.A can be part of the resumption of operation of 4 museums that fall under the guidance of the foundation Museo Arubano FMA, these 4 museums are the Arubano historical museum, community museum, Museum of Industry and Carnival Euphoria. However, the A.T.A. has already in the past contributed to the operation of these same museums and now after the pandemic has finally reached an agreement to continue the operation for these 4 museums.

According to the CEO of A.T.A Ronella Croes it is very important for Aruba to bring its history and culture, our heritage forward to our community, but also to all our visitors. This is one of the many examples of how A.T.A. is making this a reality, along with multiple examples of what A.T.A. is doing to contribute to our culture in different areas such as Carnival, Brazil Day, national celebrations King’s Day, Dande Festival, Bon bini Festival and Aruba Art Fair as well.

This is another step as A.T.A prioritizes projects that have to do with our culture and history. For the CEO of A.T.A. it is a great place to use tourism funds to invest back in tourism and in our community. The agreement he signed is for a term of 2 years and thus allowing the foundation to begin taking the necessary steps to realize a plantation so that they can get back on their feet especially after the pandemic.

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