Bonaire Surpasses Pre-Pandemic & Post-Pandemic Tourism Numbers, Record-Breaking Stayover Visitors in 2023

Bonaire Monthly Tourism Performance For 2023

Bonaire welcomed 169,706 stayover visitors in 2023, representing a historic milestone for Bonaire

Bonaire surpassed 2019, 2021, and 2022 figures by welcoming 169,706 stayover visitors from January – December 2023. The historic milestone represents an 8% growth vs pre-pandemic numbers of 2019.

Overall, Bonaire welcomed 169,706 stayover visitors in 2023, surpassing 2019 (157,000) and 2022 (169,200). TCB’s KPI for the year 2023, based on the 2017 STMP, was to reach a total of 170,000 visitors for the year 2023. This represents the island’s third consecutive year of year-over-year growth, outpacing all previous years.  As of 2024, TCB will compare the number of stay-over-arrival visitors with the year 2023.  

Dutch visitors accounted for 47% of the total, followed by American visitors (23%), Curaçao visitors (14%), German visitors (2.1%), Aruban visitors (2%), Canadian visitors (2%), Belgian visitors (1%), and Swiss visitors (1%).

March 2023 witnessed the highest number of visitors, with a total of 16,493, while January 2023 registered the longest average length of stay, with visitors spending 195,294 total nights on the island. Overall, visitors spent an estimated 1,674,163 nights on Bonaire, averaging 9.8 nights per stay.

Repeat visitors played a significant role in Bonaire’s tourism success in 2023. Approximately 56.5% of visitors had previously visited the island, while 43.5% were first-time guests. In December, repeat visitors accounted for a notable 60% of the total visitor count.

The most common purpose of visit for Bonaire’s guests was vacation, with 52% indicating this as their primary reason. Diving followed closely with 13.6%, while business and visiting friends and family accounted for 8% each.

Dutch visitors strongly preferred vacation, with 67% indicating it as their primary purpose. Their average length of stay was 11.9 nights. Dutch visitors predominantly visited from North Holland, South Holland, and North Brabant, with age demographics showing 20.5% aged 55-64, 20% aged 45-54, and 17% aged 25-34.

American visitors were more evenly divided between diving (43%) and vacation (42.5%), with a shorter average length of stay of 8.4 nights. U.S. visitors primarily came from Florida, Texas, California, New York, and Colorado. Their age demographics showed a significant presence of middle-aged and senior travelers, with 24% aged 55-64, 20% over 65, and 20% aged 45-54.

Curaçao visitors tended to be on shorter stays, with an average length of 4.5 nights. Their primary purposes of visit were business (29%), vacation (22%), and visiting friends and family (14%).

In terms of accommodation preferences, 56% of visitors chose hotels or resorts, 21% opted for apartments, 10% opted for villas, and 6% stayed with friends or family.

TCB conducted exit surveys to measure tourist satisfaction, and the results revealed positive responses. Visitors were highly likely to recommend Bonaire (93%), rated their overall stay an excellent 92 out of 100, and expressed a strong likelihood to revisit the island (91%).

Miles Mercera, CEO of TCB, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Bonaire’s remarkable tourism growth in 2023 is a testament to the resilience of our destination and the unwavering support from our visitors and the local community. We sincerely thank everyone who contributed to the success of Bonaire’s tourism industry through collaboration, passion, and dedication. Together, we make Bonaire a sustainable travel destination, offering unforgettable, unique, and authentic experiences and exceptional hospitality.”

For more detailed statistics and information about Bonaire’s tourism performance, please visit our official website at www.bonaireisland.com or reach out to us via email at info@bonaireisland.com.

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