Bonaire Welcomes Carnival Celebration Ship, Marking a Memorable Debut in the Caribbean

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Bonaire proudly welcomed the iconic cruise ship Carnival Celebration for the first time. Captain Vincenzo Alcaras and his dedicated crew, along with 5,683 excited visitors, graced the shores of Bonaire, marking a momentous occasion for the island’s tourism industry.

Arriving at 7 in the morning and staying until 10 in the evening, the Carnival Celebration ship spent the entire day in Bonaire, allowing guests to fully immerse themselves in the island’s offerings. Commissioner Jolinda Craane extended a heartfelt welcome to Captain Alcaras, expressing gratitude for choosing Bonaire as part of the itinerary for this historic visit.

A ceremonial Bonaire Flag exchange took place, symbolizing the ship’s adoption of the island’s identity and forging a connection between Bonaire and the Carnival Celebration. In a gesture of goodwill, Bonaire’s renowned sea salt and Rum Rincon were presented as gifts to the ship’s captain and crew, embodying the island’s cultural heritage.

The exchange of plaques further solidified the bond between Bonaire and the Carnival Celebration, commemorating this momentous occasion in a tangible and lasting way. Captain Alcaras received an authentic souvenir from Harbormaster Gunther Flanegin that captured the ship’s triumphant arrival at Bonaire.

Miles Mercera, CEO of the Tourism Corporation Bonaire, conveyed his appreciation by presenting the ship’s captain with the “Bonaire – point to point,” a stunning publication showcasing the island’s natural wonders. Adorned with a beautiful message, the book serves as a testament to Bonaire’s dedication and gratitude. Additionally, Port Agent Byron Tromp joined in the gesture by gifting the captain with Bonaire books, further showcasing the island’s unique charm.

Visitors enjoyed Bonaire’s attractions all day long, taking in the amazing scenery, embracing the lively local culture, and tasting the cuisine. The guests were made to feel welcome and had wonderful experiences, which helped them to appreciate Bonaire’s unmatched beauty and hospitality.

The Carnival Celebration ship, one of the newest additions to the Carnival Corporation fleet, represents a remarkable blend of modernity and tradition. With its impressive 17 decks and 2,600 state rooms, the ship sets the stage for unforgettable journeys. Embracing sustainability, the vessel stands as Carnival’s second ship powered by cleaner-burning liquefied natural gas, showcasing the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility. Notably, the ship is built using re-used parts from various previous ships, embodying Carnival’s dedication to innovative and eco-conscious practices.

The itinerary of the Carnival Celebration ship encompasses the captivating destinations of Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, and Miami, offering passengers the ultimate Dutch Caribbean experience. 

Looking ahead, Bonaire eagerly anticipates the next visit of the Carnival Celebration ship, scheduled for June 21, 2023, ensuring continued festivities and enchantment for both locals and visitors. As Bonaire enters the low season, the presence of ships like the Carnival Celebration, which stay all day long, brings positive prospects for the operators working tirelessly in the industry, fostering prosperity.

Bonaire extends its deepest gratitude to Captain Vincenzo Alcaras, the crew of the Carnival Celebration, and Carnival Corporation for choosing the island as a destination for this remarkable debut. 

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